To The Dungeon In Worthless Regression Chapter 56! Release Date And Story

The enjoyable part is about to begin. Sungmin now has new allies. And now a fresh arc will begin. Rubia had already requested that he stay with her. Enverus was able to find her. She tried, but she was unable to make it happen. The two agreed to stick together until Enverus discovered them because of this. Sungmin needs to ask a lot of questions. Here is everything you need to know about the plot and publication date of Worthless Regression Chapter 56.

The trio of Sungmin, Void Monarch, and Rubia will embark on a trip in the upcoming Worthless Regression manhwa. But the three is about to face a new threat. So read on to learn everything there is to know!

Worthless RegressionWorthless Regression Chapter 56: What Will Occur After That?

In the Dungeon, Worthless Regression’s Chapter 56 will begin. Sungmin will be able to work more effectively now that he has the newly discovered treasure from the Void Monarch. The artifacts date back 400 years. And Sungmin has never previously encountered such antiques. They have the ability to support any difficult battles. Rubia will accompany him into the Dungeon in the meanwhile.

She has so far maintained her fans’ whimsy. She does, however, have a rough side. She is a friend of Enverus. Sungmin is aware of her huge potential as a result. Sungmin is uneasy about a lot of things at the same time. He will therefore try to settle them with her. The manhwa’s main focus has been on Enverus for a number of chapters. Fans are eager for the next chapter to reveal more about the man.

Worthless RegressionA Brief Recap!

In the first line of Worthless Regression Chapter 55, Rubia introduced herself to Sungmin. According to her, Enverus, her owner, had ordered her to wait for him. Sungmin was interested to learn why the familiar had a humanoid beast shape. But Rubia made it clear that her owner liked it. Then Sungmin proceeded to inquire about the spectral figure behind him. Rubia asserted his claim to be the Void Monarch. He was a strong demon 400 years ago, in charge of 100 demons. But at this point, he existed just as a ghost. Sungmin then questioned why she was holding out for him. In response, Rubia said he had to track down the master. The Void Monarch soon came into focus. He was waiting to observe all the commotion. He attempted to use Sungmin as his vessel after becoming bored. However, it turned out that Sungmin had a hard mind and caught him by the wrist. Sungmin’s decision to enter the Dungeon brought the chapter to a finish.

Worthless RegressionWorthless Regression Chapter 56: Launch Date

Only on Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage do new chapters release each week. No delay in the release date exists. Therefore, Chapter 56 of Worthless Regression will be available by February 2nd, 2023.