Chapter 168 Of How To Fight: The Race To Rescue! Plot & Date Of Release

Seong Taehoon entered the warehouse but was unable to locate the missing girl. He had made enormous efforts to locate the warehouse. Boss Ma’s Gang, however, had already started to move. They were in fact one step ahead. Will Taehoon be successful in regaining her? If the gang has already sold her, it’s going to be difficult. So, now that you’re aware of the plot and publication date for How to Fight Chapter 168, read on.

The following time in the How To Fight manga, Taehoon will figure out what he can do right now to find the girl. Making a plan will be challenging. So read on to learn everything there is to know!

How To FightHow To Fight Chapter 168: What Will Occur After That?

A battle scene will begin How To Fight Chapter 168. The two will go up against the gang one-on-one with Taehoon. The warehouses were destroyed by fire, leaving no trace. Without the assistance of the police, it will now be rather difficult to confront the gang. A group of kids simply cannot defeat the entire gang, can they? Taehoon will make sure to impart a lesson to them.

Taehoon has helped the remaining girls escape, and they will attempt to assist him in different ways in the meantime. Many people in the organization are reluctant to reveal anything. However, some of them might be aware of the location of the missing girl. And it won’t be long before someone softens the gang’s scheme. Hobin will also come to the rescue in Chapter 168.

How To FightA Brief Recap

At the warehouse, How To Fight Chapter 167 became visible. Taehoon and the other man intimidated the gang into leaving them alone. They, though, shrugged it off. Taehoon was prepared to make a body count. But Joo Min-seon cautioned him against making any dumb decisions. One of the gang members took the initiative as the brawl began. The youngsters’ amazing moves during this time alarmed the gang. They found it incomprehensible that two youngsters held the advantage.

A massacre started back at the international trade port. Ma Gyeongcheol, the leader of the boss Ma gang, stabbed one of the brokers. He issued a warning to others to use caution when entering private property. Then he gave his men the command to abandon them half-dead. Sangjin called Ma Gyeongcheol in the meantime to warn them of Taehoon’s danger. They were instructed by the boss to completely destroy the warehouse by fire. Taehoon came to the conclusion that the gang had relocated before the chapter came to an end.

How To FightHow To Fight Chapter 168: Launch Date

On the official Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage websites, a new manhwa is published every week. By February 5, 2023, How To Fight Chapter 168 will be available. If the release date or schedule of the show changes, we’ll make sure to update this section. However, keep returning to this page for additional updates.