Tomo-Chan Is A Girl Episode 3: Its Time To Make Friends! Publication Date & Plot

The good news for Tomo-Chan devotees is that the series’ newest episode is being released as regularly as always. Fans are quite enthusiastic about the first two episodes. Tomo was seen taking a bus in the previous episode. At this point, an older man began making unwanted advances toward her. As a result, the vast majority of her acquaintances advocated for a change in her wardrobe. Where does Tomo go from here? What follows is a complete synopsis of Episode 3 of Tomo-Chan Is a Girl.

Tomo will use the chance to handle the bus scenario in a new way in the following episode. When the time comes, we can’t wait to hear her unique plan for resolving this problem.

Tomo-Chan Is A Girl Episode 3

Tomo-Chan Is A Girl Episode 3: What Happens Next?

No one knows what the upcoming episode will be called or what will happen in it just yet. This means that fans will have to wait a while to see it. Tomo and Carol may or may not become friends in the upcoming episode. Misuzu was the one who had been stressing this particular point for quite some time. As luck would have it, now that these two have connected, the odds of their becoming fast friends are rather high.

In the upcoming episode, the two of them will head out for a quick conference. This may happen at the park or at any cafe. There will be many surprises about the past uncovered as Carol and Tomo continue to talk to one another. Future developments in these connections will be fascinating to see this year.

Tomo-Chan Is A Girl Episode 3

Previous Episode Summary!

‘Tomo’s Skirt, and The School’s Idol’ was the title of Episode 2 of Tomo-Chan Is A Girl. Starting off the episode, an elderly guy on the bus teases Tomo. Therefore, it is recommended that she not wear skirts. Jun suggests that Tomo dress more femininely to give the impression that she is older. She felt uncomfortable in public when she first tried on a skirt that fit her more accurately. But she had taken every precaution to protect herself from danger.

Tomo meets with Kosuke in the second part of the episode, and the two quickly develop rivalry. This motivates Misuzu’s efforts to bond with Carol and Zun. She then approaches Carol and enquires as to whether or not Tomo may be a friend of hers. Finally, the show ended with Tomo’s stunning discovery. This is how Jun left Misuzu when he was a middle schooler.

Tomo-Chan Is A Girl Episode 3

Tomo-Chan Is A Girl Episode 3: Publication Date

Fortunately, the new episode will not have a long wait between airings. As a result, the third installment will be released this week. Episode 3 of Tomo-Chan Is a Girl will be the last to air, on January 19, 2023. All of the episodes of the anime will be available exclusively on Crunchyroll. If there are any adjustments to the timetable, they will be reflected here.