Blue Lock Episode 14: The Race to the Top! Publication Date & Plot

With the start of the Second Selection arc in episode 2 of season 2 of Blue Lock, the competition has officially begun. Meet Rin Itoshi, Jyubei Aryu, and Aoshi Tokimitsu, a soccer dream squad that makes even prodigious players like Nagi and Bachira look like amateurs. Don’t write off Isagi just yet, though; he’s working hard to catch up. Unfortunately, their side lost, and now Isagi and Nagi must play catch-up while the victorious squad has already taken Bachira. But don’t expect anything serious till Episode 14 of Blue Lock! Now you know when it’ll be out and what it’s about.

What fresh strategies will Isagi and Nagi employ the next time they face off in Blue Lock? Things are definitely getting more tense. In the new episode, who would you root for? Don’t stop reading to learn more.

Blue Lock Episode 14

Blue Lock Episode 14: What Happens Next?

In episode 14 of Blue Lock, Isagi and Nagi encounter a new difficulty as they return to the Rivalry Battle’s second level without their dependable playmaker, Bachira. They have previously won matches mostly due to his contributions. And now they need to think of innovative strategies to counter their foes. They’ll have to put in more work if they want to reach the fourth stage like Bachira, but it’s possible.

However, in the fourth stage, Bachira will compete among the likes of Itoshi Rin, Aoshi Tokimitsu, and Jyubei Aryu, all of whom are considered to be Blue Lock’s top players. This will be a major victory and a great endorsement of his abilities as a sportsman. But in this round, they’ll have to take on foes that are much more formidable than before. In Episode 14 of Blue Lock, it will be exciting to watch how they do against the show’s top players.

Blue Lock Episode 14

In this episode, viewers will witness Isagi and Nagi struggle to come up with new methods without Bachira. It may be a while until Isagi and Nagi play their second-stage match, as they are just the second team to advance to the third stage of the Rivalry Battle. On the other hand, that provides them more time to get ready. Can they make a comeback and enter the fourth stage with Bachira? Perhaps they won’t be able to pull it off. Find out on this week’s episode of Blue Lock!

A Quick Summary!

Episode 13 of Blue Lock was named “Top 3,” and it featured a tense matchup between Isagi’s white team and Itoshi’s red side. Isagi’s squad jumped out to an early lead after a goal by Bachira and Nagi. Itoshi, Aryu, and Tokimitsu scored consecutive goals to turn the game around. They gave the white team a significant disadvantage. The white team, seeing they were falling behind, banded together and worked efficiently to score a second goal.

But all was for naught, as Itoshi’s red squad maintained their overwhelming lead. A pair of late goals were enough to seal the deal for them. The match’s aftermath was quite violent. Although Isagi and Nagi were dropped to a lower level squad, Bachira was recruited to join the winning red team. Both sides were shaken up by the intensity of the battle and the huge stakes of the game. The red team, on the other hand, enjoyed the delicious taste of triumph.

Blue Lock Episode 14

Blue Lock Episode 14: Publication Date

The release date of Blue Lock Episode 14 is slated for Saturday, January 14, 2023 at 11:00 AM PST. TV Asahi will be airing it for its Japanese audience. On the other hand, we foreigners have Crunchyroll. Fans in Asia may watch it on Netflix as well. However, this is restricted to some parts of the world, such as certain parts of India, Hong Kong, and Thailand. The outcome will be nothing short of spectacular.