Top 10 Smartest Classroom Of The Elite Characters

Have you ever wondered which Classroom Of The Elite character is the smartest and strongest in the manga, anime, and light novel versions? Find out by reading on!

A light book served as the inspiration for the current anime series Classroom Of The Elite. Although educational systems are complex, kids participate in a variety of activities in an effort to win. Only the brightest people can possibly survive here.

As characters emerge by devising plans or using other individuals as pawns, the series is a whole battle of wits.

The school’s sole motto is “Either keep your top position or overcome all obstacles in your journey to the top.”

Classroom Of The Elite

This anime has a great fan base because of this distinct psychological characteristic, and everyone is curious about who is the smartest of them all.

Let’s begin the article, and be sure to read our articles on the top overlord characters and demon slayers for more information.

Top 10 Smartest Classroom Of The Elite Characters

10. Horikita Suzune

Classroom Of The Elite

Suzune, one of the series’ key protagonists, is a member of Class 1-D and ranks No. 10 on our list of the characters from the smartest classroom of the elite. She maintains an antisocial attitude and has a serious personality.

Suzune is put in Class D despite having excellent academic ability because she lacks social skills. She typically exhibits a chilly and distant demeanor because she sees people as beneath her.

She is determined to move up to Class A and makes every effort to move forward. Suzune is demonstrated to have excellent situational awareness and manage things on her own. She is even considered valuable by Ayanokouji, who employs her as a front while carrying out all tasks behind her.

As she gets closer to her goal, Horikita Suzune is gradually growing acclimated to social contact and has realized the value of having friends and allies. She is a successful student in both academics and athletics and boasts that she is smarter than others half her age.

She is noted in various instances to have assisted Kiyotaka with numerous duties or, in a few instances, to possess superior analytical abilities than him.

9. Ryuuen Kakeru

Classroom Of The Elite

Ryuuen is undoubtedly one of the characters who is seen negatively, but that does not negate the fact that he is also among the series’ most intelligent characters.

Ryuuen, the delinquent member of Class 1-C, is the class representative. He approaches to incite terror rather than loyalty or any other emotion so that others will follow him. Despite his self-confidence, he is aware of the limitations of his skills, therefore he is aware that he cannot defeat Arisu.

Even if he employs unethical methods to complete his tasks, he is quick to assess a circumstance and exploit it to his advantage. Considering his violent temperament, he is incredibly aware to his surroundings and skilled at convincing others of the opposite.

His cleverness is evident in the Island Exam arc where he came up with a brilliant scheme to eliminate all classes that, but for Ayanokouji, would have been victorious.

Light literary spoilers to help you understand his abilities:

  • With the help of Arisu, he was able to convince Katsuragi from Class A to join him in Class C by demonstrating his previous dubious behavior. This is a fantastic achievement.
  • Due to Ryuuen’s wisdom and leadership, Class C is able to perform well and preserve its position in the school; otherwise, there would be ongoing internal strife and chaos.

8. Nagumo Miyabi

Classroom Of The Elite

As the successor to Manabu as President of the Student Council, Nagumo is a significantly new character in Classroom Of The Elite. He is a 3-A student at the moment.

Although Nagumo’s typical behavior and his arrogant attitude toward himself and his goals are tough to grasp. Even though Manabu does not reciprocate his sentiments, it is clear that he views Manabu as his adversary and surpasses him.

While Nagumo’s character is still mostly unknown in the anime, we have some light book spoilers to help you better grasp his skills:

  • Nagumo, who was formerly a Class B student, is now a Class A student. As moving from one class to a higher class is too challenging, this simply demonstrates his ability to make things happen.
  • He does not back down from using deceptive methods to accomplish things and also views others as “toys.” He is renowned for establishing a system that is truly meritocratic while ruling with an iron fist.
  • His ability to persuade Ichinose to reveal her secret and use it as leverage to push her into being with him, but failed due to Kiyotaka, demonstrates his persuasiveness.
  • He has considerable authority over the third-year pupils, which has allowed him to dominate them and get more resources and personal points.

7. Kiryuin Fuuka

Classroom Of The Elite

Kiryuin, a third-year student in class 3-B, makes an appearance in Year 2 Volume 2 of the light novel Classroom Of The Elite. Although she is merely a supporting actor, her skills are superior than those of the other students.

Kiryuin is a self-assured individual who doesn’t give a damn about the social strata. She only participates when she benefits from it, hence she makes no social contributions. She is also referred to as “Female Koenji” due to her personality.

The following light novel spoilers will help you comprehend her abilities:

  • She barely interacts with and gets along with the third-year students. However, she has little trouble comprehending their schemes to undermine Manabu.
  • She is the only student in the school to receive an A+ in both academics and physical prowess.
  • Despite Kiyotaka being difficult to get along with, she does. She even joined forces with Kiyotaka to defeat Tsukishiro and Shiba. She received praise from Kiyotaka after the fight.
  • She is someone who avoids or, more accurately, doesn’t put much effort into pointless school activities, therefore her true abilities are still hidden. However, she has the brains to enroll in any university she chooses.

6. Horikita Manabu

Classroom Of The Elite

Among all the characters, Manabu has distinguished himself the most. Even though he is in some ways inferior to Arisu and Ayanokouji, he is slightly built differently. He was able to identify both of them, which is a crucial plot point.

Manabu, who was the Student Council President until ceding his position to Nagumo, is a third-year student at the institution. He is incredibly intelligent and athletic. He is regarded as one of the best school presidents ever and performs exceptionally well in the classroom.

Horikita has a strong commitment to his presidency. He is very athletic since he provided Ayanokouji with a competitive opponent in the race. He has also fought in hand-to-hand fighting before.

Horikita Manabu is smart and perceptive enough to recognize Ayanokoji’s potential as a player in the background. Additionally, he recognized Ayanokouji’s deliberate use of a 50/100 exam grade.

He is also one of the few individuals who Ayanokouji respects.

5. Koenji Rokusuke

Classroom Of The Elite

If you’re just watching the anime, this probably comes as a surprise, but you can’t get over the idea that he’s a shady figure.

While Koenji is typically viewed as being narcissistic about himself and not trying in class, there are few occasions that raise concerns. To begin with, nothing is known about his past and there is little data available.

However, the following light novel spoilers may help you better grasp his skills:

  • It is hard to believe that other kids didn’t try to target Koenji given the prevalence of such methods in their school. He undoubtedly handled them with his high IQ, doing so without making a mess.
  • While the first and second years were occupied keeping each other in check during the Uninhabited Island Special Exam, Koenji was left to handle the third years who defied them. He eventually won the position as well.
  • One of the few pupils whose authority is nearly equivalent to that of Ayanokoji is Koenji. He not only possesses exceptional brains, but also outstanding physical prowess.

4. Sakayanagi Arisu

Classroom Of The Elite

Ayanokouji and Arisu are classmates and both are in Class A. She also holds the position of class representative, which she won by defeating Katsuragi.

She has some issues with her leg, which is why she walks with a cane, and she is also quite short for her age as a result of heart illness. Despite the impression she gives off, she possesses a commanding presence and enough influence to make her difficult to approach.

Arisu is a genius by nature, and her upbringing has improved her ability. She also enjoys playing pranks on people and observing amusing events occurring at school. Despite being unable to participate in some circumstances due to her impairments, she is able to readily take advantage of others given her personality.

Several light novel spoilers to help you understand her personality:

  • As there is a fierce intellectual competition going on between her and Ayanokouji in the chess competition, she is a natural genius who is practically on par with him.
  • In the Partner Exam, where the difficulty of the questions was university level, she was easily able to earn good grades since she has excellent analytical and deduction skills, which is why she can handle Class A and dominate over them.
  • She also has a reputation for playing on people’s strengths before exposing their obvious flaws.

3. Amasawa Ichika

Classroom Of The Elite

In Year 2 Volume 4.5 of the light novel Classroom Of The Elite, Ichika is introduced as one of the first students. She is the most intelligent female character in the anime and manga series Classroom Of The Elite and belongs to Class 1-A.

A year after Ayanokoji, Ichika is a member of Whiteroom’s fifth generation. She approaches her work very differently from the other two students at Whiteroom.

Ichika is depicted as having a jovial personality with fast shifts in perspective. Due to her upbringing, she not only has outstanding communication abilities but can influence others for her personal gain. She is considered to be stronger than the males in her class and competent in physical hand-to-hand combat.

To get to know her better, consider the following light novel spoilers:

  • Having received Whiteroom training, Ichika is able to answer questions on topics far older than her age and solve complex mathematical problems with ease.
  • Since Ichika cares for Kiyotaka, she will defend him from all nefarious schemes. She looks after Class A pupils who have been dispatched to stalk her by Arisu.
  • Even while she was hurt, Ichika was able to manage Horikita and Mio without any issues.
  • Ichika also has excellent observation and infiltration skills, which she employs to investigate potential threats by disguising herself in the environment.

2. Yagami Takuya

Classroom Of The Elite

Yagami makes an appearance in Classroom Of The Elite, Volume 4.5, Year 2. He is the Class 1-B representative and a first-year student. Despite having a friendly appearance, he should absolutely be avoided.

Yagami, who is a member of a subsequent generation of Ayanokoji, is also from the Whiteroom. Additionally, he has a history of inciting a rebellion in the Whiteroom before fleeing.

Although Yagami is typically thought of as a kind and respectable person, things are not as they seem because his true character is worse. Even Ichika is wary of him and generally tries to stay away from him.

He is one of the most intelligent of the elite characters because of his superior combat skills and high IQ.

To comprehend his abilities, below are a few light novel spoilers:

  • By making others rely on him, Yagami seeks to totally control others for his own gain. Despite his violent tendencies, he has manipulated a number of individuals, including Hose.
  • Even though she has known him since the Whiteroom, Ichika finds it difficult to get along with him because of the dark ideas that threaten to make him attack her at any time.
  • Yagami is a popular freshman with an A in academic performance. Additionally, he has the best OAA score.
  • He is exceptionally perceptive and has excellent deduction abilities, which allowed him to figure out the fifth question in the Unanimous Voting Exam—a question that even Ayanokoji hadn’t considered.

1. Kiyotaka Ayanokouji

Classroom Of The Elite

Ayanokouji, the series’ beloved lead character, ranks first on our ranking of the characters from Classroom Of The Elite who are the smartest.

Even though he makes an effort to conceal his existence and his abilities by working behind the scenes, it is now obvious that someone has been pulling the strings the entire time.

Ayanokouji is from the Whiteroom, an institution that breeds children with brilliant minds, and is regarded as its masterpiece. His skills are definitely not a joke.

Due to his upbringing, he has far superior athletic, intellectual, and academic ability than the average student, but he tends to hide these qualities from the public, thus he doesn’t really stand out. Even so, he won’t give in unless it is absolutely necessary.

We must already be aware of his abilities to influence others subtly in order to accomplish anything at the school. He has exceptional deductive and analytical abilities, making it simple for him to analyze people and their likely future behavior. Nevertheless, he chose to end up in Class D on purpose because he didn’t want to lead a busy life.

Ayanokouji came up with the following future ambitions or achievements in the light novel:

  • He could readily utilize a gun with one hand at the festival, demonstrating his mastery of various forms of warfare as well as his exceptional talent in hand-to-hand combat.
  • He might also receive a flawless score of 100 on the school’s most challenging tests ever.
  • He expertly introduced Kushida to the students while maintaining a flawless image.
  • Despite the fact that Arisu is a natural genius, he could defeat her in the chess competition.
  • Since Class D was only able to pass Class by in their second year, he has created numerous plots to collect points for the entire class.

Since Ayanokouji does not want recognition, he continues to engage in a number of activities in the background. Few individuals are aware of his powers. Although he hasn’t yet reached his full potential, the future might be pretty terrifying.

The acts they took to demonstrate their incredible abilities in the series are the source of all the knowledge. Since the light novel is far from finished, information also changes when new series characters are introduced.

We can only hope that these characters complete some ridiculous challenges given how hot the battle between classes is and how much more there is yet to be revealed in the series.

Consequently, this was our list of the Top 10 Strongest and Smartest Classroom Of The Elite Characters from manga and anime. Visit Orianime again for more articles with lists like this.