Tsurune Anime: How Many Episodes? Publication Date & Time

I’m curious as to the length of Tsurune Season 2 this year. When can we expect the English dub episodes to be made available? The whole report is available for reading below.

Tsurune is well-known among fans of sports anime. Tsurune is unique among sports anime in that it focuses on Kyudo, a Japanese modern martial arts discipline of archery, rather than more popular sports like soccer, basketball, or volleyball.

The peaceful atmosphere and stunning animation have won over audiences worldwide.

When deciding on an anime to watch, audiences must take the duration of the series into account. Although 12 episodes is the norm for a TV season, this might change depending on the storyline. The end of a season shouldn’t seem like it just happened.

Tsurune Anime

All the information we have thus far on Season 2’s episode count for Tsurune has been included in this page. If you’re thinking about watching the anime, you may use this as an episode guide.

Tsurune: The Linking Shot, Light Novel Synopsis & Plot

Kotoko Ayano adapted her novel Tsurune, which is about athletics in a high school, for the 7th Kyoto Animation Awards. In May of 2016, a novel titled “Yata no Mori Kyuudoujou” took home the Special Judge Award for Best Novel.

In December of that year, Kyoto Animation’s KA Esuma Bunko label released the first volume of Tsurune- Kazemai Koukou Kyuudoubu, with artwork by Chinatsu Morimoto.

In this anime, we follow the narrative of Minato Narumiya, a former Kyudoka who gave up the art after a traumatic occurrence in middle school. Thanks to Masaki, his new instructor, and his old schoolmates, he rediscovers his love of Kyudo.

In order to demonstrate their skills, Minato and the rest of the Kazemai Kyudo Club compete in tournaments. The route to become their best selves is fraught with challenges, all of which they surmount.

There are now three volumes of the light novel available. The following book is expected to be published in 2024. The first volume was completely adapted in the first season of the anime. The second season will most likely cover everything in the second book.

Tsurune Season 2: Episode Listing

Currently, 4 episodes from this season are available online. Every week on Thursday, a brand new episode airs. An estimated 13 episodes will make up the series.

Most of the show’s episodes had their air dates confirmed months in advance. There is currently a schedule for 8 episodes.

There is a unique name for each episode. In many cases, the trailers will reveal the episodes’ names. Tsurune does not provide a sneak peek, therefore we have no idea what the titles will be.

The following is a list of the available episodes, along with titles and descriptions:

EpisodeTitleRelease DateDirected ByWritten By
1Summer Calls (Natsu e no Yagoe)5th January 2023Takuya YamamuraMichiko Yokote
2All in the Mind (Ki wa, Wa o Kakeru youni)12th January 2023Taichi OgawaMichiko Yokote
3Winds of a Brewing Storm (Asa Arashi ga Fuku)19th January 2023Noriyuki KitanoharaMichiko Yokote
4Broken Tempo (Hyoushi no Oobanare)26th January 2023Tatsuya IshiharaMichiko Yokote

In general, the anime has been faithfully adapting the light novel’s story. So far, the episodes have gotten us halfway through the third chapter of the second book. Content from the rest of chapter 3 through chapter 6 will be covered in subsequent episodes.

Volume 2 of the light novel consists of 7 chapters and a prologue.

Next Week’s Episodes of Tsurune Season 2:

Knowing when the next few episodes will be released is helpful if you are the type of person who watches anime on a strict schedule.

Please see below the release dates for episodes 5–8 of Tsurune Season 2.

EpisodePublication Date
52nd February 2023
69th February 2023
716th February 2023
823rd February 2023

According to the Japanese release timetable, this is when it will be available. Dates and timings of release in additional territories will be made available on the Orianime website.

In the following days, we will add further details to this website. While you wait, read up on the most recent developments in the world of manga and anime.