Upcoming Mecha Anime ‘Bullbuster’ Gets October Premiere & More

The previously announced mecha anime ‘Bullbuster’ has made big waves in the anime community. The series, which combines intense action with a gripping storyline, has captivated viewers from all around the world.

The series’ fans were already eager, but the series’ team disclosed more details about the upcoming anime, which stoked the fans’ enthusiasm even more.

On Friday, the staff for the upcoming television anime of the Bullbuster franchise revealed a promotional video, visual, cast members, more staff, and an October 4 premiere.

The new trailer for the anime showcases the overall story of the series and gives some glimpses of the action that fans can expect. The video also previews the ending theme song “Gambare to Sakebu Tabi” (Every Time You Shout “Do Your Best”) by Konomi Suzuki.

Upcoming Mecha Anime ‘Bullbuster’ Gets October Premiere & More
Bullbuster Key Visual | Source: Official Website

In the new visual, we can see the main cast of the series. Also, Yūma Uchida will voice Shūichi Namari, the guy on the left with specs and a gray outfit.

As for the previously announced cast members, they are as follows:

CharacterCastOther  Works
Tetsuro Okino (Developer of Pilot Bullbuster)Shoya ChibaYu (Fire Force)
Arumi Nikaido (genius pilot)Asami SetoNobara Kugisaki (Jujutsu Kaisen)
Koji Tajima (Hato Industry President)Shinichiro MikiSir Nighteye (My Hero Academia)
Miyuki Shirokane (Hato Industry General Affairs and Office)Yuki TakadaRin Kurosawa (Aikatsu!)
Kintaro Kataoka (Hato Industry Accounting)Ken UoMitsuhiro Ide (Ultraman )
Ginnosuke Muto (veteran pilot)Daisuke KusunokiMorel McCarnathy (Hunter × Hunter)

Furthermore, the newly announced staff includes:

PositionStaffOther Works
SettingYūya TakashimaFable
Key AnimationYoshihiro KannoEngage Kiss
Art DirectorKei IchikuraAngel Beats!
Art SettingTomoyasu FujiseDeca-Dence
Color DesignYoshinori HorikawaAFTERLOST
3DCG DirectorMasato TakahashiRewrite
Director of PhotographyShinya MatsuiSpice and Wolf
EditingYumi JingujiBlack Arrow
Sound DirectorKōhei YoshidaOne Week Friends
MusicMasahiro TokudaLast Hope
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The ‘Bullbuster’ is a story of the struggle of ordinary people fighting against giant beasts. Being only a few weeks away, I think the upcoming anime is going to be an exciting watch.

About Bullbuster

Bullbuster is a robot-hero anime that is part of a multi-media project. The anime is set to release in 2023 and is being produced by Studio Nut.

The anime follows a young engineer named Tetsurō Okino who has developed a new robot named “Bullbuster.” The engineer is transferred to a small company named Hato industries where he has to help them exterminate vermin with the help of his invention.

Hato is a small company dealing with powerful giant beasts and economic woes, including pensions, fuel costs, labor costs, and bullet wastage. Will they be able to navigate their way through the reality of cost and the duty to exterminate the beasts?

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