Want To Feed Your Nightmares? Here Are The Ten Most Ominous Anime Scenes Ever.

Anime features a wide range of emotions, from the revolting to the tragic. There are instances in even “kid-friendly” shows that can leave permanent scars.

I’d like to take you on a tour of the ten weirdest scenes in anime history. These are the kinds of moments that make you want to cry or seek professional help.

From mind-bending psychological terror to graphic violence, these films will leave you squirming in your seat.

You may not be able to take the intensity of some of these scenarios. You probably shouldn’t seek out their videos if you’re easily offended. It’s also your fault if the experience leaves you traumatized.

10 . Rika’s Suicide in When They Cry

What could be worse than seeing a murder? Experiencing their suicide first-hand. Sure enough, that’s what wound up happening to poor Rika.

In the novel When They Cry, Shion is blamed for leading Rika to take her own life. Blood splashed all over the walls after Rika repeatedly stabbed herself. To put it mildly, it was shocking in its extremeness.


Nonetheless, kudos where kudos are due: Tamura Yukari’s voice acting was superb. Despite the ridiculous amount of blood, her performance really brought the situation to life.

9 Pimple Popping Scene in Junji Ito Collection

The word “glyceride” has lost all of its luster in my eyes. This isn’t the first time one of Junji Ito’s stories has made you queasy, but it may be the best.

The grimy, nasty world of Yui and her family is established very away. I feel sick at the mere thought of taking a deep breath of that oily atmosphere.

The real terror begins when Goro gives his sister some of his pimple juice. Fortunately, their father intervened before he could squeeze his zits all over Yui’s face.


Then we hear about the meat they offer in their eatery, and we just can’t take it any more. But I have to give it credit for accomplishing what it set out to do: make me sick to my stomach.

8.. Kaneki’s Brutal Torture in Tokyo Ghoul

As an anime newcomer, I watched Tokyo Ghoul and thought it was awesome. But then this happened, and it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Nothing seems to go right for Kaneki. It’s bad enough that he’s been converted into a half-ghoul and now has to deal with cannibalistic urges, but then Yamori kidnaps him.

Yamori uses various instruments of torture on Kaneki, including shoving a centipede into his ear and killing two people in front of him. In order to stay awake, he counted backward from 1000.


Even if Kaneki achieves his vengeance in the end by devouring Yamori alive, the torture is nevertheless traumatic for everyone involved.

.  Barefoot Gen’s Depiction of the Hiroshima Bombing

Unlike the fanciful tales that make up the rest of this list, these were actual people whose lives were cut short in an instant. A bombing survivor’s account serves as the basis for this fictional account.

The bombing of Hiroshima was depicted graphically in Barefoot Gen, with viewers seeing people’s skin burn and their eyes pop out of their sockets. Structures collapsed, and fires burned out of control.

Barefoot Gen 
Barefoot Gen

The fact that this actually occurred simply adds to the troubling nature of the story. It’s tough to see, but it serves as a sobering reminder that incidents like this have no place in modern society.

6. Onii-chan Becomes a Meal in Pupa

Honestly, I want to shake the person’s hand that proposed Pupa to me. After all, I couldn’t resist satisfying my curiosity, and each episode only lasted a few minutes. Wrong. How terribly incorrect.

The movie seems like a terrifying jumble, yet it’s intended to be a horror film. A virus infects two brothers and turns them into monstrosities. The brother lets his sister eat his flesh so she doesn’t turn into a monster.

Nightmare-inducing is the scene in Pupa where Yume eats Utsutsu’s flesh while he is fully conscious and moaning in pain. The incest atmosphere is scary and unpleasant.


The sight of the sister cheerfully devouring her brother while calling him “onii-chan” over and over again gives me the creeps. I have nothing but contempt for whoever created this anime.

5. Killer Bunnies in Blood-C

If you thought rabbits were cute before, you won’t look at them the same way after this.

Rabbits go on a feeding frenzy and devour a whole city. No, I don’t mean in a charming way; they actually keep the bodies of their victims inside of them.

Blood-C’s rabbits scene is one of the most graphically disturbing in the history of anime. Skewering, dismembering, beheading, and blending humans are all fair game!

Bunny beast 
Bunny beast

You won’t have a chance to do anything because everything happens so quickly. You’ll only be left feeling sick to your stomach and traumatized.

4.. . A Puppy’s Cruel Murder in Elfen Lied

Because of my strong feelings regarding animal cruelty, this one hit me particularly hard. It’s not simply the gore, but also the evilness of those tiny monsters, that will make you sick to your stomach.

Diclonius Lucy in Elfen Lied already had it difficult before her lone buddy, a stray dog, was brutally murdered in front of her by bullies.


I wanted to reach through the television and punch the kids in the face after seeing them beat that poor puppy to death. It was both satisfying and unsettling to watch Lucy lash out in rage and cut them to pieces.

. Nina & Alexander Chimera Scene in FMAB

Shou Tucker is universally reviled by readers of the Fullmetal Alchemist manga and anime. It broke my heart to see what happened to Nina and Alexander because they were such kind, naive kids.

Shou Tucker combined his daughter and dog, creating a monstrosity doomed to an abnormal existence. Worse yet, he had no regret for his terrible deeds.

Nina Chimera 
Nina Chimera

He justified his actions by citing science and alchemy. Fortunately, Scar did not wait for justice to be served and killed the devil himself. It’s about time they left.

2. The Eclipse in Berserk

The show will break your heart in two as you witness your beloved characters suffer and die in horrific ways. And you can blame that turd of a man, Griffith, for it all.

Eclipse in Berserk is the worst horror imaginable. Griffith betrays Casca and Guts’ trust for his own gain and rapes her in front of them as an act of revenge.


I kept thinking things couldn’t get any worse, but they did. I can’t see anyone who witnesses the Eclipse coming away unscathed. I felt like I’d gotten to know them and they were family by the time they were fed to the monsters.

There are no words to describe how brutally Casca was treated, and I sometimes question if it was quite necessary to go to such extremes. It had a long-lasting effect, for sure, but was it worthwhile?

1. “Goosh Goosh” Tokyo Tribe 2

This is probably the most emotionally draining scene in all of anime. The music and the sound effects alone are making me sick to my stomach.

In Tokyo Tribe 2, the notorious “Goosh Goosh” sequence depicts an ugly bastard butt-rapping a man for an entire minute before the victim bleeds to death.


And what’s even worse? It’s completely unnecessary to the plot. It’s just a load of bloody filler that will make you want to wash the bleach out of your eyes.

I question the sanity of whoever allowed this scenario to appear on television without any censorship.