What Motivated Baji to Abandon Toman, Betrayal or Sacrifice?

tokyo revenger

If you’re looking for an anime with heartfelt characters, look no farther than Tokyo Revengers. If Draken has a golden heart, then Keisuke Baji must be the shadow hero.

To summarize Baji, we may say that he embodies all that is best about Toman. Usually, he just does whatever he feels like doing. He fights with a constant grin on his face and has unwavering loyalty to his companions and Toman.

It was stunning to see Baji, the 1st division head, defect from Toman and join Valhalla. So, was Baji a hero or a defector, and why did he leave? How about we find out?

For more knowledge on Kisaki, Baji betrays Toman and joins Valhalla. Overhearing Kisaki offer to bring Pah chin if Mikey becomes him captain of the third division leads him to assume that Kisaki is terrible trouble.

How did Draken meet his end? Is he revived by Takemichi?

What brought Baji to Valhalla?

What happened in the manga’s 38th chapter caught us off guard. Kisaki has been promoted to the rank of Pah-chin, leader of the Third Division, and Keisuke Baji has shown up to proclaim his intention to quit Toman and join Valhalla.

Nonetheless, admission to Valhalla was not a breeze. In order to show his commitment to Valhalla, Baji must undergo a series of trials. Even one of his closest pals, Chifuyu, had to be beaten up by him.

It was later revealed that Baji had left Toman in order to infiltrate Valhalla and learn more about Kisaki. Unbeknownst to him, Kisaki had proposed releasing Pah-chin from prison in exchange for designating him the third squad’s leader. As soon as Baji realized Kisaki was trouble, he set out to thwart his goals.

Kisaki’s Covert Operation!

All of Valhalla’s gang rushes helpless Mikey during their battle with Toman. Kisaki stops his punch in the middle of the day, preventing a Valhalla member from bringing Mikey down.

Right away, he proclaims that the third division’s leader shall be shielded at all costs. At this time, Kisaki’s intentions become apparent. Eventually, Takemichi realizes that Kisaki doesn’t care about the outcome of the combat.

Kisaki stands to gain either way: if Valhalla triumphs, he can easily seize control of Toman, and if Toman triumphs, he will be hailed as a hero. Kisaki comes out on top in this exchange.

Toman’s Secret Hero Falls!

Baji slams a pipe down on Kisaki’s head and strikes him. Nonetheless, in the midst of all this, we see Baji being stabbed by Kazutora. He assures everyone that it’s fine and a mere scratch.

With his trademark grin, he charges in and eliminates half of squad 3. Unfortunately, his injury flares up just as he’s about to finish off Kisaki.

Mikey becomes determined to kill Kazutora after witnessing Baji’s defeat. Takemichi fears that the future will look exactly like the present and that he has no control over it. Yet Baji gets to his feet and stabs himself.

After Kazutora’s apparent suicide, Baji reveals to everyone that he, in fact, took his own life. On his deathbed, he tells Takemichi that the group’s original six members are his treasure and begs him to look after Mikey.

Toman’s unseen hero passed away in Chifuyu’s arms at the end of Bloody Halloween, having expressed his gratitude to him for everything. The news of his passing was devastating to his legions of devoted followers.

Does Takemichi end up helping Baji?

In their youth, Takemichi and Mikey travel back in time to alter the future and save not only themselves but also Baji.

All the characters, including Baji, are shown to be well and living in Chapter 278 of the manga. They are seen here enjoying the wedding of Takemichi and Hina. Baji is, it seems, studying to become a veterinarian. As observed, Chifuyu is poking fun at him.

Tokyo Revengers

Ken Wakui has penned and drawn the manga Tokyo Revengers. It first appeared in print on March 1, 2017, in Kodansha’s Weekly Shnen Magazine, and ran through November 20, 2022. It’s collected into 30 tankobon volumes.

The protagonist, Takemichi Hanagaki, discovers that his one and only ex-girlfriend from middle school has been murdered by the Tokyo Manji Gang. Upon hearing the news of what had happened, Takemichi was shoved off the train station.

After he landed on the rails, he closed his eyes in what he thought was acceptance of death; nevertheless, when he opened them again, he found himself 12 years in the past.