The Finale of Cheongnyong-Dong, in Reality Quest Chapter 69! Releasing Date & Story

Over the course of several months, the manhwa has been delving into the Cheongnyong-Dong plot. Do Wan’s life has been turned upside down, but now that he knows his actual mission, he’s determined to see the world. To top it all off, Reality Quest Chapter 69 features the hero’s ultimate showdown with the most formidable foe he’s ever faced. Is he capable of defeating him? Insufficiency of information persists. In any case, if you want to know what happens next, you’ll have to keep reading.

At long last, the story of Cheongynyong-Dong will be concluded in the 69th chapter. Do Wan has found a new weapon and plans to wield it effectively. The mafia boss, however, is completely unaware of this and is confident that eliminating Do Wan will be a simple task. Nonetheless, he seemed to have underrated him. So, what do we do now? Wait until we see what Do Wan has in his sleeve.

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Reality Quest Chapter 69: What Happens Next?

Do Wan’s condition has worsened dramatically when he realized that he couldn’t defeat Ju-Ryong with his own might. He begins to question whether or not he should have waited a little longer before assaulting the mob boss. To his credit, he buys enough time to locate the concealed weapon. Now that the rusty key has been found, he can use it to get access to the game-changing critical strike. Do Wan is now stronger than Ju-Ryong, which makes the duel much more interesting.

Ju-Ryong will still kick Do Wan anyway. As soon as he hears Do Wan coming, he’ll charge over to teach him a lesson. But the mob boss has no idea that Do Wan can’t be hurt by anything he throws at him. Do Wan gives the mob boss ample time to demonstrate his might before charging at him and beginning to beat him up. He’ll hit him many times and kick him quite hard. He will keep going until Ju-Ryong gives up. If Do Wan is to become a full-fledged member of Boramae-Dong, however, that is the greatest challenge of all.

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Quick Review!

The events leading up to Reality Quest Chapter 68 took place in Do Wan’s past, and the chapter began with a flashback. The only photo he had of himself was from when he was a toddler on a family vacation and this was the only one that survived. The head of Cheongnyong-Dong, however, Ju-Ryong, ripped it to shreds. Do Wan, infuriated, hastily left for his mission to destroy Ju-Ryong. He landed repeated blows to the face. The mafia boss, however, was surprisingly more powerful and devised counterattacks to target Do Wan. Do Wan appeared to be gaining the upper hand at first, but Ju-Ryong quickly reversed that trend. Do Wan tries to evade the mafia boss’s assault, but is severely battered by him anyhow.

The mob boss soon had Do Wan in his grasp, laughingly declaring that Do Wan had no chance of escaping his talons. Do Wan took advantage of the circumstance by kicking Ju-Ryong in the face while he was being hoisted aloft by Do Wan. Ju-Ryong learned that Do Wan is a formidable foe who seems determined to learn Ju-motivations. Ryong’s His secretary found out some key information regarding Do Wan just as Ju-Ryong was about to end the chapter. Specifically, he outed Do Was as a Boramae-Dong spokesperson. Do Wan became a captive shortly after Ju-Ryong ordered his secretary to take him hostage in order to get revenge on the bullying council.

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 Publicaton Date for Reality Quest Chapter 69

Once Do Wan obtains his next weapon, the plot will take a dramatic turn. Learn it in preparation for its release on January 26, 2023, in Reality Quest Chapter 69. It is available on the Naver Webtoon and Kakao sites.