Who is The Most Disliked Anime Character? Top 10 Abhorrent Roles

Every now and then, our favorite anime shows throw a spanner in the works by introducing a character we just can’t stand. And before we know it, we’re hating on them with a fiery passion.

It’s not always the main antagonist who is the most despised in anime. It’s often the secondary characters who end up getting under our skin. I’ve compiled a list of the top ten most reviled anime characters ever.

There are some characters that seem to be universally loathed, but everyone has their own opinion. They are the subjects of countless internet discussions and hilarious memes. And boy, do they stir up the fanbase!

10. Makoto Itou

If you thought School Days was bad before, Makoto just pushed it to a whole new level. At first, he seemed as interesting as a wet noodle, but later, he revealed himself to be a creepy scumbag.

School Days’ Makoto is a huge jerk who enjoys putting ideas into other people’s heads for no reason. When he dumped Kotonoha and Sekai for Setsuna and a slew of other girlfriends, he gave us plenty of reasons to despise him.

Makoto Itou
Makoto Itou

And when Sekai became pregnant, he didn’t take any blame and really became upset with her when she brought it up in conversation. To top it all off, he coldly texted her information about local abortion facilities.

When he passed away, he had zero of my sympathies. He paid for his own misdeeds.

9. Seryu Ubiquitous

At the beginning of the series, Seryu may have come off as sympathetic and likeable, but by the end, she had become completely intolerable. She had a warped concept of fairness, according to which the corrupt Empire was just and its opponents were the embodiment of evil.

Seryu was the most despised figure in Akame ga Kill because of her annoying voice and her willingness to kill the main characters. She relished murder and was clearly crazy, sadistic, and mentally unstable.


The things she did to some of my favorite characters aren’t even worth discussing. Chelsea’s severed head was displayed, and gunshot holes were seen in Sheele. That’s not right at all.

8. . Yamori Oomori

This guy is vile, crafty, and detestable in every way. He’s channeling the infamous Friday the 13th killer by donning a terrifying hockey mask. He is always hostile and hostile is the only way he ever communicates with others.

Tokyo Ghoul’s Jason, Yamori, is reviled for eating ghouls since he is a cannibal. To attain his goals, he delights in tormenting and manipulating others.


The days he spent torturing poor Kaneki should not be forgotten. Yamori is relaxed and laidback despite his sadistic nature. After Kaneki had beaten him up, the man had the gall to call his mother.

7. Nina Einstein

I found it increasingly difficult to support Nina as she developed. It’s a pity, because I thought she could have been an interesting character, but instead the writers made her an easy target.

Code Geass’s Nina is a racist psychopath who murdered classmates over petty grievances. She became enamored with a stranger, to the point where she frightened Table-kun. It’s simple human nature to despise such a nasty figure.


Don’t even get me started on her never-ending complaining after making stupid choices she should have known would have dire effects.

Her “cure” for her xenophobia seemed too good to be true. She brutally murdered 35 million people out of pure hatred, and now all of a sudden she feels terrible about it and is miraculously cured? I don’t believe it either.

6. . Danzo Shimura

The lowest of the low in the Naruto world is Danzo Shimura. He has caused a great deal of suffering in the lives of Naruto and Sasuke.

To protect Naruto from the Akatsuki, he wanted to reveal that the boy was the jinchuriki of the nine-tailed fox, and then lock him up in the village.

There isn’t a single person who likes Naruto who doesn’t despise Danzo Shimura. He was a callous jerk who saw people as objects to be used and discarded at will.


He tricked Itachi into killing members of his own family, leading to Shisui’s suicide. He then proceeded to steal Shisui’s eye and surgically implant it into his own skull.

5. Gabi Braun

Gabi will always be hated by A Game of Thrones fans. Her first appearance in the previous season was disastrous. She enjoys fighting and is not beyond killing if the situation calls for it. However, after being assaulted, Marley adopts a nonviolent stance.

Despite knowing how horrible her own country is, she attempts to convince everyone that Marley is innocent.

After Gabi shot and killed Sasha, she was instantly demonized by every viewer of Attack on Titan. Even though she made some amends for her past actions, she still deserves to be reviled.


Even though Sasha was the show’s most popular and entertaining character, I couldn’t help but dislike her. Her acts should not be excused because she is a traumatized child.

4.. Malty S. Melromarc

Naofumi’s first faith in her is hilarious. She came across as really nice and cordial. To make matters worse, she eventually turned on him.

Malty is the master of manipulation, and she justly earns everyone’s contempt. She shattered Naofumi’s reputation as the Shield Hero by accusing him of sexual assault while he was innocent.


She collaborated with the king to have Naofumi banished. Naofumi’s flawless nicknaming of her “Bitch” just increased the hatred of her by the supporters who already hated her.

3. Rachel

You know you’ve found a great villain when you find something about Rachel to detest. When we first saw her in the series, we assumed she was a kind girl who merely desired Baam’s company. However, it became clear that she was only using him.

Rachel, for pushing Baam out of the safety bubble, is one of the most despised figures in anime. To persuade people to feel sorry for her and help her climb the Tower, she even feigned to be crippled.


And what about her sinister chuckle as the season concludes? That did nothing but increase my hatred for her. After she betrayed Baam, she was so happy she could not contain herself. It’s as if she feels nothing or cares about anyone.

2. Shou Tucker

The memories of Shou Tucker’s evil acts haunt me even now. This individual holds the rank of state alchemist and goes by the moniker “sewing life alchemist”. When he really needs something to happen, he won’t think twice about putting his own family in harm’s way.

Shou acquired his alchemy certification by sewing his wife with an animal, turning her into a chimera who begged for her own death and earning the wrath of every FMAB fan. A few years later, he joined his daughter Nina and the family dog in a single organism.

Shou Tucker
Shou Tucker

Those who have watched the series will never forget what happened. He didn’t seem to feel any guilt or shame about what he’d done. He explained his actions by saying they were scientific or alchemical in nature.

Instead of tormenting his own flesh and blood, he was more concerned about losing his status as state alchemist. By eliminating Shou before he could be tried, Scar saved us all a lot of trouble.

. 1. Griffith


I despise Griffith to the depths of my existence, and the atrocities he’s done are repulsive beyond description. This guy’s betrayal is one for the ages, and he’s easily the most morally bankrupt character in all of anime.

Because he raped Casca in front of Guts and did it intentionally to wound him, Griffith from Berserk is the most despised character in fiction. To gain power, he sacrificed all of his pals by using the Behelit to call upon the God Hand and trigger the eclipse.


He traumatized Casca, and the kid she had with Guts is now a demon. Then he has the nerve to play the hero when he’s the one who started the whole mess.

I can’t see any way back for Griffith. I need anger management lessons for the things I wish Guts had done to him because of his horrible betrayal of the people who loved him.