Who Made Me a Princess: Will Lucas & Athanasia get together?

In the famous fantasy story Who Made Me a Princess, a girl is reborn as the doomed infant princess Athanasia. But it won’t go down without a fight from this little one. Nope, she refuses to repeat her sad past mistakes.

As our young heroine develops, she makes some truly wonderful friends. Here comes Lucas, the illusionist. This person uses magical bubbles to try to murder Athy at their first encounter. Because of that encounter, Lucas starts to like her.

In the novel adaptation of “Who Made Me a Princess”, Athanasia (or “Athy”) and Lucas become together because they truly care for one another. On the other hand, the manga goes in a different direction, so the anime could follow suit.

Athy Who Made Me a Princess
Athy Who Made Me a Princess

Lucas begins to display affection by, for example, being quite envious whenever Athy spends time with another male. The story also features a love triangle, which should not be overlooked. But have no fear; Lucathy is defeated. The novel’s enchanted couple ultimately succeeds.

1.  With whom does Athy end up in the manga?

The romantic potential of the manga’s conclusion is limited. In the novel, no one ever overshadowed Athy, but this story took a very different path.

Neither Ijekiel nor Lucas end up with Athy romantically by the end of the “Who Made Me a Princess” manga, leaving her romantic fate out in the air.

Lucas & Athy Who Made Me a Princess
Lucas & Athy Who Made Me a Princess

It focuses more on why Athy chose to move home with her biological father rather than her adoptive one. I enjoyed the father-daughter bond in this Otome Isekai, therefore the conclusion was satisfactory to me.

2. Have Athy & Lucas got a kid?

There are no adorable little children because Lucas and Athy don’t get together in the manga. They don’t have time for children.

There is a love interest between Lucas and Athy in the novel adaptation of “Who Made Me a Princess”, but Lucas doesn’t tell Athy about his feelings until the very end. Lucas is devoted to Athanasia and always there for her, yet they never had children together.

Fan fiction exists that speculates on what might happen if Lucas and Athy had a kid. So, fan fiction might be your best bet if you’re looking for Lucas-Athy offspring.

3. Comparing the Novel to the Manga

Due to its nature as an adaptation, the manga has its own distinct flavor. The tale also deviates from the text in places and omits some passages.

While the novel “Who Made Me a Princess” centers on Athanasia’s family, romance, and development, the manga delves more deeply into the sibling connection between Athanasia and Claude.

Claude crowning Athy Who Made Me a Princess
Claude crowning Athy Who Made Me a Princess

Episode 30 is where the tale significantly departs from the novel, with the introduction of the debutante ball.

Timelines, the manner in which Athanasia meets other characters like Lucas and Jennette, and the reincarnation aspect are all modified in the manga.

The manga seems to be focusing more and more on Claude and Athy’s romance as it goes on. Yes, it plays a significant role in the show, although at the expense of some of Athy’s other relationships.

The crescendo was a little too fast, and the ending was too easy. It left me wondering if Athy was committed to a life of singlehood or if she might reconsider in the future.

4. The Vexations of a Shut-In Vampire Princess

Author Kotei Kobayashi and artist Riichu team up for the adventure and fantasy light novel series The Vexations of a Shut-In Vampire Princess (Hikikomari Kyūketsu Hime no Monmon).

Terakomari Gandesblood, or Komari for short, is a vampire that prefers to stay in her room most of the time. When she is suddenly promoted to command in the Imperial Army, her privileged lifestyle abruptly comes to an end.

The trouble is, her unit is made up of aggressive hooligans who refuse to acknowledge Komari as their leader. With the help of her loyal maid, Villhaze, Komari will have to show her value.