Winners of the 47th Kodansha Manga Awards! A Prize for the Skip & the Loafer

The winners of Kodansha’s 47th Annual Manga Awards have been revealed. The nominees in the Shonen, Shojo, and General categories were presented earlier. Classics such as “Skip and Loafer” and “Shangri-La Frontier” were among these.

On Wednesday, Kodansha revealed this year’s best. Two of the three were also nominated in 2022, but they didn’t end up winning. The winning titles are as follows:

1. Shangri-La Frontier (Best Shōnen Manga)

Author: Ryōsuke Fuji, Katarina

Magazine: Weekly Shōnen Magazine

Shangri-La Frontier
Volume 12 cover of Shangri-La Frontier

Second-year high school student Rakurou Hizutome has impressive gaming chops. He is constantly searching for and conquering the most notorious games in existence. The new virtual reality game Shangri-La Frontier was a no-brainer for someone with a wide range of gaming interests.

Hizutome’s strength is that she dives headfirst into each role she’s given. Will he be able to figure out how to win, though?

Additional candidates in the category:

  • Akane-banashi
  • Kaoru Hana wa Rin to Saku
  • Gachiakuta
  • Megumi no Daigo: Kyūkoku no Orange

2. My Girlfriend’s Child (Best Shōjo Manga)

Author: Mamoru Aoi

Magazine: Bessatsu Friend

My Girlfriend’s Child
Volume 5 cover of My Girlfriend’s Child

Sachi and Takara are a high school couple that not only date but also spend a lot of time together. But Sachi isn’t feeling quite herself after a night of sexual activity. She goes out and gets a pregnancy test, which confirms her worst fears. The news has a profound impact on her.

Additional candidates in the category:

  • In the Clear Moonlit Dusk
  • Tamon’s B-Side
  • A Sign of Affection

3. Skip and Loafer (Best General Manga)

Author: Misaki Takamatsu

Magazine: Afternoon

Skip and Loafer
Volume 8 cover of Skip and Loafer

Mitsumi Iwakura is a remarkable student who aspires to attend Tokyo University and change the world. She is determined, but she isn’t ready for the ‘different’ way of life in Tokyo. She meets Sousuke Shima, a laid-back classmate of his.

They become good friends despite having quite different outlooks on life.

Additional candidates in the category:

  • Onna no Sono no Hoshi
  • The Darwin Incident
  • Manshū Ahen Squad
  • Medalist
  • Liaison: Kodomo no Kokoro Shinryōsho

After all, 2018 has proven to be the year of redemption. Examine the three books and the other nominees, and then tell us who you think should have won. But next year, any one of those other titles may easily win.