World’s End Harem: The Final Chap With After World Manga

Many ideas and scenarios have been explored in relation to the ‘end of the world’ topic, including human petrification, infertility, extraterrestrial invasion, and the extinction of an essential portion of the ecosystem.

The manga series future’s End Harem tackles the ‘eradication-of-men’ theme by depicting a future in which only a select few males have survived. In December of 2022, the manga started its last phase and was anticipated to end this year.

Chapter 47 (out of a total of 132) of the ‘World’s End Harem: After World’ manga was released on May 7, marking the series’s conclusion as expected. It followed on from the events of the first manga.

world's end harem

As of the end of Chapter 85 in June of 2020, the first section of ‘World’s End Harem’ was complete. ‘World’s End Harem: After World’ is the second installment of the manga, which picked back up in May 2021 after a ten-month break.

Many of the characters featured in the manga have entered the mainstream of popular culture. In 2022, an anime adaptation debuted that would eventually span eight volumes.

However, it has also been criticized for being too focused on the fans. Though it has its share of ecchi moments, it does raise issues that might not have been explored otherwise. However, it does little to counteract the pervasive social malaise.

There will always be those who disagree with the harem genre. However, a harem that focuses on the plot should be evaluated objectively. I’m holding out hope that the anime’s conclusion will be revealed in a subsequent season.

World’s End Harem

LINK writes the World’s End Harem manga, and Kotaro Shono does the illustrations. Beginning in May 2016, the serial ran in Shonen Jump+ until June of 2020. World’s End Harem: After World continued from May 2021 through May 7 of the following year.

There are 18 books totaling the series. Additionally, in 2018 and 2020, two prequels, Fantasia and Britannia Lumiére, were released.

Final Chapter The year 2040 is depicted in the manga Harem. In this future society, 99.99% of men have died through a specific “Man-Killing Virus,” leaving only 5 billion women living. The United Women form the governing body, and their primary goal is to repopulate the planet.