Yuzuki-san Chi no Yon-Kyōdai Teaser Out with Flumpool’s Theme Song

Yuzuki-san Chi no Yonkyoudai, aka The Four Brothers of the Yuzuki Household, is a manga written and illustrated by Shizuki Fujisawa and has been running since August 2018.

Yuzuki-san Chi no Yonkyoudai will premiere on 5th October 2023. You can watch it on Crunchyroll. Moreover, the renowned band Flumpool will deliver the opening theme song, “Naite Linda” (It’s Okay to Cry), and Aoi Kubo will perform the ending theme song, “Sasakure” (Splinter).

The manga won the shōjo category in the 66th Shogakukan Manga Prizes in 2020 and sold over a million copies.

Yuzuki-san Chi no Yonkyoudai, or The Four Brothers of the Yuzuki Household’s story, revolves around the daily lives of four brothers who lost their parents two years ago.

It is a slice-of-life Shoujo anime with the right sprinkle of comedy and drama. It’s bound to melt your heart with its cuteness.

From oldest to youngest, we have Hayato, who is the breadwinner of the family and shoulders the responsibility of taking care of his siblings.

Next, we have Mikoto, a calm dude who overprotects his younger brother, Mianto.

Minato is an energetic bud who adores his elder brothers; he’s sometimes a bit clumsy and socially awkward.

As for Gakuto, the youngest bro, he’s a smart cookie and already got that “wise man” title as a first-grader.

Gaku is such an adorable child. Reminds me of Kotarou from Gakuen Babysitters. They are so fluffy I wanna squish them like marshmallows. Excuse me as my cuteness aggression takes over me.

Yuzuki-san Chi no Yon-Kyōdai Teaser Out with Flumpool’s Theme Song
Gakuen Babysitters | Source: Official Website
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Here’s some quick information about the main staff.

PositionStaffOther Works
DirectorMitsuru HongoAscendance of a Bookworm
Character DesignOrie TanakaNatsume’s Book of Friends
Script WriterShizuki FujisawaKoi Koi Country Road
Music ComposerYoshikazu SuoMelody of Oblivion

Buckle up, as it’s gonna be the most heartwarming anime about 4 brothers’ daily lives with the right amount of humor and drama to keep you entertained.

About Yuzuki-san Chi no Yon-Kyōdai

Yuzuki-san Chi no Yon-Kyōdai is an anime set to release in October 2023. It is inspired by the manga of the same name created by Shizuki Fujisawa.

The Yuzuki household, comprising four siblings, tragically lost their parents two years ago. Hayato, the eldest among them, assumes the role of a diligent breadwinner. 

Mikoto, the second sibling, exudes an aura of composure yet harbors a profound affection for his younger brother Minato. Minato, the third sibling, brings an infectious energy to the household and holds his brothers in high regard despite grappling with clumsiness and social awkwardness.

Gakuto, the youngest among them, is well beyond his years, earning him the title of “wise man” as a first-grader.

The series delves into the daily lives of these four siblings as they navigate the intricacies of family dynamics, academic pursuits, and community interactions.

Source: Official Website

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