Chapter 1084 Of One Piece: A Huge Clue To Im’s True Identity!

One of the biggest mysteries in One Piece is who Im really is. Since their introduction, it has become clear that they played a role in every significant development in One Piece.

On May 22, 2023, we were treated to Chapter 1084, which detailed Sabo’s memory lapse. The chapter also gave readers some important hints about Im’s true identity and introduced them to some fascinating new information about the Void Century.

And who exactly is Im, and what did we learn about them? What is it?

Significant hints have been given concerning Imu, who appear to be related to Lili, the previous Queen of Alabasta. The specifics of this link are unclear, but it lends credence to the idea that Imu has unlimited life span.

How Nefertari’s Sister Lilith Was Linked to Im!

What was said between Cobra and Gorosei is revealed in Chapter 1084. Cobra raises doubts about Gorosei’s authority by inquiring about the veracity of Founding 20. The 20-kingdom pact that ultimately became the World Government has been exposed.

Additionally, they established an empty throne and made a pact that none of the 20 kingdoms would ever attempt to take it for themselves. Queen Lily of Alabasta, one of the Founding 20, however, would not give up her country.

This explains why there are only 19 blades in front of the throne. That’s why the Nefertaris are still in power in Alabasta. Cobra, though, points out that no evidence exists that Lily ever returned to Alabasta.

Instead, her brother became the de facto ruler. Attempting to rebut Cobra, Gorosei explains that she did return home, but the records have been destroyed.

Cobra claims Lily didn’t make it home.
Cobra claims Lily didn’t make it home.

Cobra, instead of debating, inquires of Gorosei the significance of the letter “D.” He adds that Lily has composed a brief letter addressed to the “D” people, and that it references the ‘D’ people in some way.

Imu walks in and surprises everyone by sitting on the Empty throne before he can get a response. He even adopts Lily’s name, which leaves Cobra bewildered.

The circumstances above suggest that Lily and Imu knew each other and were probably close. One chapter shows him burning pictures of Luffy and Shirahoshi, but he leaves Vivi’s alone.

Since Imu lived through the Founding 20, he must have known Lily, further supporting our original theory that he is immortal. The actual link between Lily and Imu is unknown at this time.

What May Readers Of Chapter 1085 Anticipate?

Possible topics for Chapter 1085 include Queen Lily’s mysterious absence and her possible ties to Imu. We all know that Sabo will be held responsible for Cobra’s death when it finally comes.

Sabo will see Imu on the Empty Throne, and we’ll learn how he avoided the presence of so many superhumans. A fascinating new chapter awaits, then!

One Piece

Eiichiro Oda is the creator of the Japanese manga series One Piece. Since the 22nd of July, 1997, it has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump.

Gol D. Roger is the Pirate King since he has amassed all of the world’s wealth. At the top of the tower of execution, he uttered his final words: “My treasures?” If you really want it, you can have it. Have a look around; I dropped everything off there. Many people, inspired by these words, took to the waters in pursuit of their ambitions, sailing westward along the Grand Line in search of One Piece. The dawn of a new era!

Young Monkey D. Luffy, aspiring to equal or surpass Blackbeard as the world’s greatest pirate, also sails the Grand Line in quest of One Piece. Along for the ride will be a motley crew that includes a swordsman, marksman, navigator, cook, doctor, archaeologist, and cyborg-shipwright.