Chapter 116 Of Twin Star Exorcists Is Titled “Battle For Redemption” Release Date And Story

Benio was close to passing away. But Chinu saved the day by getting there in time. But not everything has been resolved. Subaru has said goodbye to her. The exorcists and Kegare must now decide what will become of them. But the final confrontation with Gabura has yet to happen. So that’s everything you need to know about the storyline and release date for Twin Star Exorcists Chapter 116.

Rokuro’s situation will start to improve the following time he plays Twin Star Exorcists. Gabura, on the other hand, will wreak havoc. Continue reading to learn all the specifics!

Twin Star ExorcistsTwin Star Exorcists Chapter 116: What Will Occur After That?

Chapter 116 of Twin Star Exorcists does not yet have a title. However, Basara, Gabura, and other people will come into focus. The commotion is still going on. And until the globe calms down, there is still a lot to do. Chinu will attempt to awaken Benio in the interim. She needs to return her soul from the princess Kegare’s kingdom. Her soul has been cut off from her body by the curse. She is therefore essentially dead.

Gaja will travel with the others to release Gabura in the meanwhile. He continues to be unhinged. He is tired of all the fighting, though, at the same time. He seeks atonement. This time, Rokuro will take a backseat and wait for Benio to heal. Thus, the pages will be filled with characters like Momochi, Sakanashi, and others. After the war, the populace must choose their course of action for the rest of their lives. Nothing will ever be the same again.

Twin Star ExorcistsA Brief Recap

Soul Summon was the subtitle for Twin Star Exorcists Chapter 115. Chinu is shown in the first line of the chapter standing in front of Benio’s corpse. But she made it clear that Benio wasn’t quite gone. She requested that Benio be given to her. In the meantime, medical attention was required for all the injured kegare and exorcists. The chapter cut to Basara, who was holding a talisman of healing. She applied it to one of the combatants who was hurt.

Gaja met Maya while carrying Subaru’s lifeless body. She was halted by Gaja, who enquired as to her status as a pupil. He continued by describing Subaru’s dying wish. She envisioned a society in which kegare and the exorcists could coexist peacefully. Gaja continued by declaring that he will go out on a quest to accomplish that aim. Rokuro was rushed to by Maya, who assured him that she would always be by his side. After declaring himself to be sick of warfare, Gabura brought the chapter to a close.

Twin Star ExorcistsTwin Star Exorcists Chapter 116: Launch Date

Every month’s first week sees the release of new chapters. By February 7, 2023, Twin Star Exorcists Chapter 116 will be available. We will make care to announce any delays or breaks in this section. Only on Viz Media can fans catch up on all the chapters.