Five Saddest Anime Villains

Rui (Demon Slayer)

Saddest Anime Villains

In Demon Slayer, Rui is one of the twelve Kizuki who serve as Muzan Kibutsuji’s subjects. He is the head of a coven of spider demons that dwell atop a forested mountain while having the appearance of a child. Rui enlisted others to serve as his demon family because he felt abandoned by his parents.

Later on though, Rui realizes that his parents had merely been attempting to keep him from turning into a monster. Rui passes away at Giyu Tomioka’s hands while reflecting on his parents’ love and regretting his mistakes.

Scar (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Saddest Anime Villains

An alien from Ishvala named Scar is on a mission to eliminate Solf J. Kimblee. Scar’s brother was brutally slaughtered by Kimblee during the Ishvalan War, and Scar’s arms were even torn off. Until he reaches Kimblee, Scar utilizes his brother’s alchemical research to eliminate every State Alchemist he encounters.

Scar’s hatred of Kimblee is fueled by his love for his brother and the pain of his passing. Scar will do whatever to fulfill his ambition of bringing Kimblee to the same conclusion.

Twice (My Hero Academia)

Saddest Anime Villains

In My Hero Academia, Jin Bubaigawara, popularly known as Twice, was perpetually unlucky. He was mistreated, and his life was not the best. However, he believed that his Double Quirk would help him find solutions to his issues so he could live in peace. Sadly, they all turned against one another, leaving him to question whether he was the genuine Jin or merely a copy.

Jin was taken in by the League of Villains after being lost and experiencing a mental breakdown. Jin is incredibly trustworthy and frequently lets his guard down around others. As a result, he unintentionally divulges information to Hawks, the valiant spy. He is devastated that he has been let down once more by people he believed to be pals.

Izanami (Noragami)

Saddest Anime Villains

The Noragami god Izanami is a timeless being. Even though Izanami is an all-powerful creature, she frequently feels lonely. She therefore makes an effort to come across as someone who would be the most enticing to guests whenever she has them.

Izanami merely wants to communicate to someone after millennia of isolation from the outside world. Nevertheless, her strategies need a lot of improvement.

Reiner Braun (Attack On Titan)

Saddest Anime Villains

With Attack on Titan, Reiner Braun has only sought to honor his kin and his nation. Reiner works very hard to try to persuade his father to accept him because he is half Eldian, half Marleyan. Unfortunately, Reiner is not the best fighter, which makes missions challenging for him.

He gets selected as one of the Marleyan Warriors despite his flaws. However, catastrophe strikes when Reiner comes into contact with a Titan, and Marcel Galliard, who was trying to shove Reiner out of the path, is really eaten.