In A New Anime Series, DC’s Suicide Squad Gets An Isekai Twist

DC has officially announced a new anime series for the Suicide Squad, named Suicide Squad Isekai, which is wonderful news for DC fans.

Following the impending My Adventures with Superman, a series starring Jack Quaid as Superman and greatly influenced by anime, the project is an unexpected expansion of DC’s forays into anime.

Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad Isekai, a new anime series from DC that provides an intriguing variant to some of its well-known characters, was announced on Twitter.

Suicide Squad Isekai will be directed by Jujutsu Kaisen’s Eri Osada, with WIT Studio handling the animation. Numerous well-liked anime, like Attack on Titan, Vinland Saga, and others, were produced by the renowned company.

The anime series is under the Isekai subgenre, as its name suggests. For the uninitiated, this popular anime subgenre typically depicts a character being transported to a new world with fantasy aspects. The character is typically an ordinary person without exceptional talents. Harley Quinn and the Joker can be seen in that scenario in the teaser image above.

The teaser also features Harley Quinn and Amanda Waller dressed similarly to how they would appear in the DC Extended Universe, but intriguingly, the Joker looks significantly different from Jared Leto’s interpretation. The series is not a part of the DC Universe canon, as evidenced by this.

The absence of the DC Studios branding on the teaser video is another hint that Suicide Squad Isekai is not a part of the DCU canon.

Suicide Squad

IGN claims that DC announced Suicide Squad Isekai on social media after it was announced during a panel at Anime Expo 2023.

George Wada, the CEO of WIT Studios, asked viewers to tell James Gunn, the current CEO of DC Studios, to watch the new anime series to confirm that it is not a part of the DC Universe at the unveiling.

Gunn and co-CEO Peter Safran are currently organizing the next ten years for the new DC Universe. Although it is obvious that DC Studios had nothing to do with the creation of Suicide Squad Isekai, future collaborations with the studio are still conceivable.

Additionally, Gunn has revealed some depressing information regarding Suicide Squad 2. DC fans can still anticipate the spectacular Suicide Squad Isekai until Gunn addresses that.

About Suicide Squad ISEKAI

Death Squad Warner Bros. and Wit Studio are collaborating to produce the Japanese original series ISEKAI. Eri Osada is the director of it. Eiji Umehara and Tappei Nagatsuki will write the music.

The original tale, according to Warner Bros.

“In the new anime series Suicide Squad ISEKAI from Warner Bros. Japan and Wit Studio, DC’s Harley Quinn, the Joker, and The Suicide Squad storm onto the stage of ISEKAI*. With the strongest lineup of anime producers, the most frustrating universes clash in an enormous and violent fantasy.