In Reincarnation As A Sword, Does Fran End Up With Someone?

Late in 2018, the series Reincarnated as a Sword aired its twelfth and final episode, and its viewers have been demanding more ever since.

While viewers of the first season of the Isekai anime were satisfied with the show’s magic system, world-building, and character development, they were left wondering about the romantic aspect, or lack thereof.

The series’ protagonist, Shishou (also Master/Teacher), isn’t exactly in the dating market. Being a magical sword with sentience, he cannot be loved without a protective sheath. What about Fran, the secondary protagonist? How does her love life turn out?


Fran does not find a romantic partner in the final chapter of the light novel Reincarnated as a Sword. She’s only 13 and completely love-blind at this point. Fans of the Black Lightning Princess anime would cheer on any romantic development involving Fran.

Will Fran and Teacher End Up Together?

Fran and Teacher are clearly father and daughter to one another. No matter how many times he reincarnates as a human, Fran will never be able to reciprocate his feelings romantically.

Fran finding Teacher
Fran finding Teacher

At first, Teacher hoped that a beautiful person would be chosen to be his wielder. However, when it turned out that the only person who could hear his voice was Fran, a Black Cat slave girl, it became clear that their relationship would be purely platonic.

After freeing Fran from slavery, Teacher treats her like his own daughter and becomes overly protective of her. He feeds her, protects her from suitors, and helps her develop stronger abilities so she can progress.

And Fran, who has nothing but affection and gratitude for him, turns to him for guidance, assistance, and even financial security.

Fran’s best friend, teacher, and savior all rolled into one. As a result of his unwavering devotion to her, Fran may one day find herself in a truly pure and platonic relationship with Teacher.

Who Else Can Fran End Up With?

Of course, Fran and the Princess are a ship for the Reincarnated as a Sword fandom. If Fran has to settle down with anyone, she should be the one.

Fans of the spin-off manga got some explicit content from a scene in which Fran and the elf receptionist take a bath together in a public bathhouse, which means absolutely nothing. As a gesture to the female fanbase, Fran may end up with a female character.

Some people have speculated that Fran will end up with a member of the Blue Cat Tribe because it would make for a compelling plot point if a member of the tribe responsible for Fran’s parents’ deaths fell in love with her.

Many viewers, however, would like to see Fran develop romantic feelings for a male member of her own tribe species.

Like the Thunder Empress Murellia, she may find herself falling for a human adventurer. Perhaps Fran has been Isekai-d to the world of Teacher, where she can finally meet someone.

Fran could potentially end up with any of the characters from the books, anime, or manga, but that doesn’t seem likely right now.

Why Fran Might Not Be With Anyone In The End?

Black Cat Fran
Black Cat Fran

Fran’s parents were killed by members of an opposing tribe. She managed to get away from her murderers, only to be captured by a human who kept her as a slave for four years. She was so young, only eight. If you’re looking for a fantasy anime with some serious weight, look no further than Reincarnation as a Sword. Issues of racism, violence, abuse, and slavery are discussed. In all honesty, romantic possibilities aren’t even being considered.

The likelihood of Fran settling down with anyone has been decreasing ever since it was established that Teacher would have a paternal rather than romantic relationship with her.

When compared to the anime and manga adaptations of Reincarnated as a Sword, the light novel emphasizes action over romance.

The fact that Fran is still a child is, by far, the most significant barrier to her romantic development (other than her teachers, of course). In the web novel, however, it appears that a long while has passed since Fran’s adventure began.

The only way to know if Fran’s romantic life is progressing is to wait and see.

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This series of Japanese light novels by Yuu Tanaka and Llo is also known by their pen names, TenKen. In October 2015, it premiered as a web novel on the website Shsetsuka ni Nar.

The protagonist is a human who, after dying in our world, is reborn in another as a sword. It’s strange, but he remembers everything else about his human life except his name. After realizing his fate, he starts looking for someone to take control of him.

A slave catgirl named Fran finds the sword, kills a bear with two heads with it, and names it “Teacher.” Afterwards, the two go on an adventure.

Reincarnated as a Sword

Also known as TenKen, it is a Japanese light novel series written by Yuu Tanaka and illustrated by Llo. It started as a web novel on the Shōsetsuka ni Narō website in October 2015.

The plot revolves around a person who finds himself in another world reincarnated as a sword after dying in the human world. He has no recollection of his name but weirdly remembers everything else from his life as a human. Accepting his fate, he looks for someone who can own him.

A catgirl slave named Fran soon discovers the sword, uses it to kill a two-headed bear, and gives it the name “Teacher”. The duo then embarks on an adventure.