Information about the New Anime Starring BTS, “Bastions”

Korean animation, or K-Animation, is a genre that’s been blowing up internationally in recent years. Studios in South Korea that specialize in animation have created anything from kid shows to adult dramas.

The new anime series Bastions is making waves due to its innovative blend of K-pop and K-animation. The show, which stars a gang of heroes out to save the world, is set to the music of well-known acts like BTS and Le Sserafim.

Join me as I go into the Bastions universe to discuss the book’s plot, characters, and themes. I will also dissect the trailer, highlighting significant scenes and discussing what they may mean for the upcoming season.

And I’ll spill the beans on when to expect Bastions’ release so you can start marking your calendars right away.

1. Bastions Anime Publication Date

Only Crunchyroll will be broadcasting the anime series Bastions, so if you want to see it you’ll have to go there.

On May 13 at 8:45 am PST, the Bastions anime debuted on Crunchyroll. There will be five episodes of this 3D Korean cartoon series, and they will all air weekly.

Bastions anime
Bastions anime

With the exception of mainland China, Japan, North and South Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, the concert will be available to stream around the world.

2. What is the plot of the Bastions anime?

Bastions’ production business, Thymos Media, claimed that working with K-pop stars will increase international attention on environmental issues.

They hope that by bringing up environmental concerns, they will inspire people.

In a world where extraordinary abilities are the norm, Bastions follows a group of young heroes trying to make a name for themselves. However, the stakes are raised when they discover that the villains’ pollution of Earth has created an environmental crisis.

Monster in Bastions
Monster in Bastions

Even more thrilling is the fact that BTS will be delivering brand new music for the show. This was a wonderful surprise because, as you may know, the band has been on hiatus while its members serve in the armed forces.

Since June 2022, when they dropped the anthology album “Proof”, this is BTS’s first project. However, BTS isn’t the only group contributing to the show’s soundtrack. Other artists releasing new music for Bastions include Le Sserafim, Brave Girls, Heize, AleXa, Seo J, Kang Min-seo, and P. Cassady.

3. What to Expect from the Anime Trailer for Bastion

After watching the trailer, I’m not surprised that there aren’t more BTS fans interested in the anime.

I. Story 

Based on the preview, the Bastions anime is a fantastic mix of idols and heroes, K-pop, and K-animation.

A group of heroes known as the “Bastions”, which includes our three protagonists, is often considered to be the best in the whole story. Together, they use their superpowers to combat the evil corporation Wash Green.

Some of the obstacles and struggles that the heroes must overcome, such as dangerous adversaries and monstrous foes, are hinted at in the Bastions anime trailer. It also features depictions of the heroes making use of their abilities, such as flight and the use of superhuman strength to carry a car.

There’s even a weekly hero winner’s circle. The characters’ lighthearted natures shine through in the final exchange between them.

The plot reads well enough on paper, but you really need to view the trailer to have a feel for it.

II. Animation 

The animation, or lack thereof, is the topic at hand now. The music is enjoyable, but the animation falls short of the OSTs’ high standards.

The animation style is reminiscent of another Korean production, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. I get the impression that they’re aiming for the same audience, and that I am not it.

It seems like all the money went toward paying BTS, leaving very little for the actual animation. The music video for “The Planet” by BTS had significantly poorer animation than the trailer.

Bastion’s characters appear to be made of cardboard, moving and making expressionless faces the whole time. The shoddy hair physics really grated on my nerves, and I’ve seen amateurs build MMDs that are better.

Many viewers have compared Bastions to BT21 and other indie animations, and found that Bastions was clearly inferior. In general, it looks like a good kids’ cartoon.

4. Bastions

In 2023, on May 13th, Thymos Media’s Bastions, a Korean 3D animated superhero series, debuted on Crunchyroll.

In a world where superpowers are commonplace, the story follows a group of inexperienced superheroes as they vie for the spotlight. Polluter villains have brought the world to the brink of ecological disaster.

The series includes performances of songs by well-known K-pop acts like BTS, Le Sserafim, Brave Girls, Heize, AleXa, and many more. The group is working together to promote environmental consciousness and highlight K-pop’s unique sound.