Kingdom Chapter 747: Where Is Riboku? Publication Date

There is currently no delay in the arrival of the next episode. Kingdom Chapter 747 follows suit with a weekly final release schedule. We last left Riboku when he was hiding out among his own troops. This is where some individuals were attempting to expose him to further beatings. The individual has suffered serious injuries, which are already well-known. But it will be a challenge for everyone to eliminate him. All the information you need to proceed to the next section is provided here.

After this point, readers will learn all the ways in which Kanki’s men would attempt to ensnare Riboku in their web of deception. They’re attempting to pin him down so they can take him out in the open. Is he really so easy to kill, though?

Kingdom Chapter 747

Kingdom Chapter 747: What Happens Next?

Neither the chapter’s title nor any of its storyline specifics have been released to the general public as of yet. As a result, followers will need some time to catch up on the ending specifics of this one. The assault against Riboku will take center stage in the revised version of Kingdom Chapter 747. On this trip, the man will be attacked. We’ll see some novel tactics of assault in action. There’s a group of men who are planning to chase him down and beat him to death.

There must be a purpose for Riboku to be waiting around. He might have his own agenda as well. At this moment, they may as well be surrounded by a group of males. But from here on out, the plot will revolve around Kanki’s cunning scheme.

Kingdom Chapter 747

Previous Chapter Summary!

Starting out Kingdom Chapter 746, the men of Kanki were under the impression that Riboku is not the forgiving kind. And he was not the type to just flee a crisis. People were worried about their leader, who had apparently disappeared amid the ongoing fighting. The Riboku side witnessed Kanki’s return, and they prepared for his arrival. And this may signify nothing other than an assault on their person. They were ready to launch an assault in one coordinated effort, and the guys were pleased.

Kanki was later seen in the company of a Riboku associate. He was looking for the general’s true location. As the tale progresses, we learn that Riboku was actually participating in the conflict, although undercover among his own troops. When he showed there, the Kanki men had already received the order to kill him by beating.

Kingdom Chapter 747

Kingdom Chapter 747: Publication Date

There appears to be no delay in the rollout of the next one as of this writing. The new one will be available to see in the following two days for all the fans. Kingdom Chapter 747 will be released on February 13, 2023. You may only read the manga on Kodansha’s official website. As soon as we learn more, we will add it to this area.