My Hero Academia Chapter 380: Another BREAK! Publication Date And More Details

There is disappointing news for manga readers. This is due to the fact that Chapter 380 of My Hero Academia will not be released for quite some time. The disappointing news right now is that this chapter will be taking a hiatus of more than a week. Tomura Shigaraki expressed discontent with All For One’s dominance over him in the previous chapter. When will we get to read more? Why are we taking a break, exactly? Detailed information about the upcoming one is provided below.

Follow this plot and you’ll get to hear some great dialogue from the cast and crew. In fact, Shigaraki had been a victim of All For One’s torture and use. Now, though, the other villain is determined to win the battle at any cost.

My Hero Academia Chapter 380

My Hero Academia Chapter 380: Intermission Prompt!

Finally, the manga’s final release schedule was announced last week. According to rumors, the manga would. My Hero Academia Chapter 380 supposedly won’t be available for a while. It’s off for two weeks. However, the cause for the hiatus has not been revealed to the audience. Not only that, but not even the author mentioned the delay. As far as I can tell, though, this is just the publisher taking one of its periodic periodical hiatuses.

My Hero Academia Chapter 380

Previous Chapter Summary!

Raw images and spoilers are also asking for a delay till the next chapter is finished. While we wait, let’s have a peek at the storyline. My Hero Academia Chapter 379 is titled “Hopes.” Kurogiri’s escape from the hospital was chronicled at the beginning of the chapter. When I turned around, Lady Nagant was getting to her feet and returning to the group. The doctor warned that she would be in danger if she awoke in such a state. She, however, insisted that she would not allow herself to be humiliated in such a manner.

The excursion ends up returning to the medical center for the second part of the chapter. Everyone around here was aiming to surprise attack from out of the blue. Tomura Shigaraki resolves at the chapter’s end that he will not allow himself to be manipulated by All For One. He needed to reconnect with his true self.

My Hero Academia Chapter 380

My Hero Academia Chapter 380: Publication Date

Unfortunately, the next installment won’t be ready for another two weeks. Two weeks prior, the chapter had been published. The new chapter will be available in one week. This means that the definitive release date for My Hero Academia Chapter 380 will be February 20, 2023. The newest installment will be released in Shonen, Viz Media, and MangaPlus.