On April 9, The First Episode Of The Blue Orchestra Anime Will Air

NHK announced on February 8 that the April 9, 2023 release date for the television anime adaptation of Makoto Akui’s manga The Blue Orchestra.

Blue Orchestra
Blue Orchestra

Seiji Kishi, of Nippon Animation, will helm the animated series. The show’s scripts will be written and supervised by Yuuko Kakihara, while Kazuaki Morita will be in charge of character design. It has been announced that Jun Sakata would be taking on the role of chief producer and supervisor for the anime.

Hajime Aono’s violist is Ryota Higashi.

Elex Media, based in Indonesia, publishes the manga. From what we can gather from Elex Media, the manga follows the following plot:

Hajime Aono, a violin prodigy, decided to stop playing the instrument in the middle of his third and final year of middle school.

However, he also met a girl during that school year who informed him of a prominent high school orchestra.

The cogs of Aono’s life suddenly started turning again. Harmony between music and the heart: such is the theme of this drama for young people.

The continuing manga by Akui debuted in the Manga ONE app by Shogakukan in 2017.

Blue Orchestra

Written by Makoto Akui, “Blue Orchestra” is a manga series. At the beginning of April 2017, it began serialization on MangaONE and Ura Sunday.

The manga centers on Aono, a prodigy on the violin who, for various reasons, gives up the instrument. In school, he meets Akine, a headstrong girl who encourages him to pick up the guitar again. Together, they will not only grow better at what they do, but also overcome the traumas that have plagued them.