My Hero Academia Chapter 380: Raw Scans, Spoilers, Launch Date

My Hero Academia Episode 380 is shaping up to be a climactic showdown between Deku and Shigaraki, and the stakes couldn’t be higher for fans. Unfortunately, the manga adaptation of My Hero Academia is pausing for two weeks due to the author’s illness, so we’ll have to wait to see the full-on action. In two weeks, we can look forward to more exciting manga chapters.

In the first full page of color from the previous chapter, we met Gentle and La Brava. Next, we witnessed a recollection of events from before Kurogiri’s awakening, at the Central Hospital. There was widespread panic after that, and we saw a doctor try to keep Nagant from moving because of how seriously ill she was. Then she demanded to know where the enemy was hiding.

My Hero Academia 380 Spoilers Raw Scans New Release Date
My Hero Academia 380 Spoilers Raw Scans New Release Date

The physician flatly refused, but she insisted that she must go because she promised Deku that she would join him in battle. Then Rock Lock showed up and handed her a device loaded with the villains’ contact details and whereabouts. Now in the present, Nagant has knocked Shigaraki’s other hand out of the way, claiming that Shigaraki deserved it.

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Then we witnessed Shigaraki’s entire mouth being flooded with fingers. Shigaraki then burst out laughing, saying to “All for One” that he realizes his attempt to influence people has been a total failure. He added that he is aware of his own instrumentality in stealing the One from All Might.

It appeared that the fusion was successful, but Shigaraki managed to keep him apart from All for One, rendering him immune to control by AFO. Infuriated, AFO called on Kurogiri to teleport him back to his original body, but Kurogiri began to experience technical difficulties after receiving new instructions to protect Shigaraki. Then, Shigaraki said he no longer required All for one, but that his desires remained unchanged.

Then, from the mass of hands and fingers, he materialized. Deftly, Deku yanked him out of UA and slammed him to the ground. Some heroes got lost in the shuffle, but now that Shigaraki has all his quirks back, the plan to have the UA take flight has been scrapped. Deku continued, saying that he will not permit the action but that he will never forget the child he had seen. What happens between them in a one-on-one setting will be revealed in the following chapter.

My Hero Academia Chapter 380: Release Date

As the author Kohei Horikoshi deals with health issues, the release of My Hero Academia Chapter 380 has been delayed. This Sunday, February 19, 2023, Weekly Shonen Jump will publish issue #12, which will contain the next chapter of the manga. At the customary time, both spoilers and raw scans will be made available (15th February).

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My Hero Academia 380 New Release Date19th February 2023
My Hero Academia 380 Raw Scans15th February 2023

My Hero Academia Chapter 380: Raw Scans

My Hero Academia 380 Raw Scans will come out around Wednesday, February 19, while the MHA Manga takes a two-week break. Once the break is over and Kohei Horishiki is feeling better, the manga will start up again.

My Hero Academia Chapter 380: Spoilers

The release of the spoilers will occur simultaneously with the release of the raw scans, on February 19, 2023. Once we have more information about the next chapter of the popular manga series, we will write a new article detailing all the spoilers and raw scans.

Where to read My Hero Academic Chapter 380?

In both cases, you can read the My Hero Academic manga in official form without paying anything. You can check it out over at the Viz Media website or on the official Manga Plus website or mobile app from Shueisha Japan. Updated, free chapters of your favorite manga can be found at these sites. You’ll have to shell out some cash if you want to read the whole manga.