The Dangers In My Heart Episode 1: From Murderer to Pet! Plot & Publication Date

Is your heart ready to be wrenched by a story of high school romance and peril? Don’t bother looking any further; Episode 1 of The Dangers in My Heart will satisfy all your existential dread. However, I must warn you that this is not your usual lighthearted romantic animation. There are more story twists than in a plant that makes pretzels. Don’t worry; we have compiled all you need to know before watching the pilot episode. Here’s all you need to know about the premiere date and storyline for Episode 1.

The Dangers In My Heart anime is based on the same-named manga. This all started in the March 2018 issue of Weekly Shonen Champion. Manga was also discovered on the Champion Cross website. In total, 7 volumes of the manga have been published thus far. That means there’s plenty of material for the anime!

The Dangers in My Heart Episode 1

The Dangers in My Heart Episode 1: Public Announcement!

Soon, audiences will be able to see the premiere of Episode 1 of The Dangers in My Heart. The production firm, Avex, has released a number of trailers and promotional films for the program. Veterans make comprise the anime’s creative staff. Director Hiroaki Akagi, who formerly worked for Shinei Animation, will be in charge of the project. The scripts will be written by Jukki Hanada.

In addition, Masato Katsumata will be in charge of the artwork for the various characters. Both Rent’s Kazuya Kinoshita voice actor Shun Horie and Rent’s Anna Yamada voice actress Hina Yomiya are on board. In addition, HIDIVE has acquired the rights to premiere the program on its service. Soon, we’ll have more information regarding the opening and closing theme tunes.

The Dangers in My Heart Episode 1

What Is the Story of the Anime?

Kyotaro Ichikawa will be shown in a fresh light in the first episode of The Dangers in My Heart. Though he seems like any other adolescent kid, he has a hidden fantasy that he is the protagonist in a psychological thriller. Being alone and making up murder mysteries provided him with comfort. He rarely interacts with other people and spends his time alone. His solitary life, however, was about to end.

As the school’s most popular female, Anna Yamada became Kyotaro’s obsession. It baffled him why she was so popular, and his thoughts kept returning to her. From a distance, he noticed that she was acting oddly. But when she came into his life, there was no going back. He was taken aback to learn that they had quickly become friends. After spending more time with her, he discovered she was nothing like he had imagined.

Kyotaro will develop a keen fascination with the subject as he learns more about it. But as time goes on and he gets to know Anna more, he’ll see that his interest in her isn’t motivated by anything nefarious. However, it originates in sincere interest and even a want for fellowship. Kyotaro will eventually realize that even the most popular student has their own set of problems and hidden past. When two people fully accept and understand one another, they form a true friendship.

The Dangers in My Heart Episode 1: Publication Date

Episode one of The Dangers in My Heart will premiere in April 2023. In case you missed it, it’s on HIDIVE for your viewing pleasure. There is as of yet no official release date. But worry not; we won’t leave you dangling like an untied sweater.