‘My Unique Skill’ Dungeon Anime Gets New Comedy Promo

‘My Unique Skill Makes Me OP Even at Level 1’ has its setting in a world where treasure ‘drops’ in underground vaults. Emily Brown eventually ‘drops’ a human being by crushing a slime. Ryota Satō, the human who found himself here, has no idea how he got here.

Moreover, he finds it overwhelming to witness air, water, and food seemingly materializing after vanquishing creatures.

On Thursday, a promotional video for the anime adaptation of “My Unique Skill Makes Me OP Even at Level 1” was posted to the show’s official website. It also included the introduction of two new characters and the theme song. Production on the anime will begin in July.

The video serves as a more substantial follow-up to the preceding teaser image. Emily mispronounces Ryota’s name as he struggles to make sense of his numbers and the world around him. A defeated slime demonstrates Ryota’s ‘Drop Skill – All S’ by dumping a bunch of bean sprouts.

The final tune, “Tamborine no Naru Oka” (The Tambourine-Ringing Hill) by Airi Miyakawa, can be heard in the background.

The preview introduces us to two brand new personalities. The two are included with the rest of the cast that has been announced so far.

CharacterCastOther Works
Ryota SatōKaito IshikawaTobio Kageyama (Haikyu!!)
Emily BrownRin KusumiHiyori Minagi (Slow Loop)
Eve CallusleaderMarika KōnoMiya (By the Grace of the Gods)
Erza MonsoonMai FuchigamiNagisa Shiota (Assassination Classroom)

Key Visual For ‘My Unique Skill Makes Me OP Even at Level 1
Key Visual For ‘My Unique Skill Makes Me OP Even at Level 1

These people are in charge of the anime series:

PositionStaffOther Works
DirectorYūji YanaseBy the Grace of the Gods
Series ComposerYuka YamadaSlow Loop
Character DesignersMiyako Nishida; Eri Kojima; Kaho Deguchi; Yūko ŌbaNishida: In Another World With My SmartphoneKojima: In the Land of LeadaleDeguchi: I’m Standing on 1,000,000 LivesŌba: I’m the Villainess, So I’m Taming the Final Boss
Animation ProductionMAHO FILMBy the Grace of the Gods
MusicEndo.Akiba’s Trip: The Animation

Despite the presence of tropes like amazing skill and monster hunting, this appears to be a humorous isekai anime. However, the latter completely alters the situation by eliminating traditional occupations like farming and fishing.

My Unique Skill Makes Me OP Even at Level 1

My Unique Skill Makes Me OP Even at Level 1 is a Nazuna Miki and Subachi-created series of isekai light novels. Shsetsuka ni Nar has been releasing it online since February 2017, and Kodansha later bought the rights to it.

In this tale, protagonist Ryota Sato travels to an other dimension where, rather than increasing in strength, he learns a special ability that serves him well there.