Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint Chapter 144: Publication Date & Where To Read?

The monsters in the Sixth Scenario have been conquered thanks to the efforts of the human survivors. As Incarnations return to their proper locations, the next chapter of the Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint will continue.

Dokja was better able to connect with the disaster because to Kyrgios Rodgraim’s participation. The lack of believability in Star Stream is thus made apparent.

The ‘Sovereign of the Eight Heads’ Constellation was tested to its breaking point, and his Incarnation was ultimately vanquished. In the aftermath of Dokja’s victory, Izumi’s human flesh was revealed from behind his Serpent skin.

When the impossible Scenario was cleared by a human, even after the plausibility had been destroyed, the Dokkaebis were thrown into chaos, and an urgent conference was called.

Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint Chapter 144

Dokja’s true motivation was exposed as being to join the ranks of the Constellations. Everything he did was done for that one reason.

By reaching his desired conclusion in the preceding Scenarios, he needs just one more tale to complete the task. Obviously, he’s doing it to spare the fictional people he read about in the book from experiencing the same hardships he endured.

Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint Chapter 144 Publication Date

The initial group of participants dispatched might be easily wiped out by Dokja and Joonhyuk’s squad. Since a second group from Seoul Dome wasn’t required, we have no idea what’s going on beyond our walls.

Dokja had earlier requested Yoo Sangah to convey his message of caution to the Wanderer King. Can anything be happening outdoors right now?

The publishing date for Chapter 144 of Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint is set for February 7th, 2023. Since it has only recently returned after a weeklong sabbatical, there will be no announcements of any more breaks or hiatuses in the coming weeks.

Due to the popularity of this manhwa, we’ve decided to release the English scans for Chapter 144 of Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint on the same day, with a delay of around five or six hours.

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Star Stream’s Plausibility Assessment System

There was no time for the King of Disasters to launch an attack since Dokja and Yoonghyuk were constantly fighting it. Defending the building’s perimeter from the other creatures had drained everyone’s energy.

Since the King of Disasters had been gravely injured, the Constellation known as the “Sovereign of the Eight Heads” was beginning to wonder if the Scenario was fair.

The Constellation was seething with rage and demanding more believability in the scenario, but the dokkaebi in charge weren’t willing to budge because it wasn’t approved by “them.”

The Constellation opted for the Plausibility Aftermath option at this point. In this scenario, the Constellation takes advantage of the Incarnation’s unjust pact to wreak physical havoc on Izumi’s body.

It was the Constellation’s intention to use the revival of the Hundred Demons Realm to further its own mythology. It was infuriated that Dokja, a mere human, had dared to stand before God with nothing but a sword and had succeeded in wounding the Almighty.

Dokja was just not prepared for the impending disaster. But Constellation made a huge error by meddling here.

When one individual loses the believability in Star Stream, another will earn plausibility to balance things out.

The King of Disasters: Defeat

Kyrgios Rodgraim was able to participate in the action since the constellation “Sovereign of the Eight Heads” had inappropriately intervened.

Since Kyrgios Rodgraim’s story began there, it’s only fitting that he be a member of Peace Land. As a result, he refused to believe that the Devine Beings of Oherworld could change the course of events. In case the Constellations did something illegal in his territory, he would have to deal with them.

Izumi was now in terrible anguish because of Kyrgios’s decision to withdraw from the planet after issuing a single command to the Constellation to stand down. It was at this moment that Dokja finally managed to kill the Serpent.

The Serpent’s outside malignant substance nevertheless contained Izumi’s consciousness. Before he was slain, he begged Dokja to destroy the distant Constellations.

The Constellation was still employing every available means of resistance, but Dokja knew the Electrification technique would put a stop to it in three easy stages.

Kyrgios returned to confront the outside meddling, and most significantly, he had already met Dokja. Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint Chapter 144: What Will Kyrgios Say to Dokja About the Stealing of His Technique?

Sixth Scenario: Summary

When Dokja killed the Serpent, he was nearly out of Electrification Technique. After killing the Scenario’s tragedy on Persephone’s orders, he lost the right to call himself “King of No Killing.”

Dokja has also accomplished a remarkable achievement by becoming the first person in this scenario to go after the “King of Disasters.” Both to Shin Yoosung in the previous Scenario and to Persephone, he remained faithful to his word.

Too many outside influences prevented the Star Stream from giving him a grade, thus he was allowed to finish writing “A Fable That Doesn’t Exist.”

The overuse of abilities had left everyone exhausted and bleeding. Since Joonghyuk was charging the Serpent, he only sustained injuries on his left side. The Main Sixth Scenario’s requirements had been satisfied at this point, hence the scenario was finished.

Dokkaebis are tasked with creating Scenarios of an appropriate challenge for all participants, which will in turn provide entertainment for the Constellations.

Following Dokja’s completion of the impossible Scenario, all Dokkaebis from the ‘Seoul Dome’ and the ‘Tokyo Dome’ gathered for an emergency countermeasures meeting. The purpose of this measure was to ensure that no normal person could ever amass enough power to bring down a Scenario.

In preparation for potential future events, would the Dokkaebis exercise some form of control over Dokja? If something from the Dokkaebi meeting worries Dokja, Bihyung, as seen in Chapter 144 of Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint, will likely tell it to him.

Dokja’s Thoughts

Dokja was able to stand and continue thinking after they had vanquished the disaster. He was preoccupied with his own thoughts and ignored any incoming alerts.

He didn’t feel very good about himself after hearing the accolades of the Dokkaebis and Star Stream. No one knew how hard he had to work just to get to the starting line.

All of Dokja’s choices in the First Scenario had been made with that happy conclusion in mind. Now that the Sixth Scenario has concluded, he is at the stage where he may take the actions that will lead to the desired outcome.

The Star Current had recognized his talents. He had now finished four tales, each with a different ending than Dokkaebis had originally envisioned.

In order to join the ranks of the Constellation, you must construct one last myth. In Chapter 144 of Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint, what does Dokja want to do?