‘Psycho-Pass Providence’ Gets July Release Date in North America

The new storyline introduced in “Psycho-Pass Providence” bridges the gap between the anime’s last season and the third Psycho-Pass SS film. Akane Tsunemori reprises her role as Chief Inspector in this film. She finds out that there is another organization on the hunt for a secret file.

After its debut weekend in Japan, the picture earned an estimated 150 million yen, or $1.1 million, making it the fourth highest-grossing film of all time.

It was revealed on Tuesday that ‘Psycho-Pass Providence’ would also premiere in North America, thanks to Sony Pictures and Crunchyroll. There will be special previews on July 11 and 13, followed by the official limited release on July 14. Both a Japanese and an English dub of the film will be available.

With “Psycho-Pass Providence”, the brand celebrates a decade in the making. The ‘Psycho-Pass’ anime series debuted in 2012 with its first season.

With a 4.2/5 first-day satisfaction rating from Filmarks, the picture likewise topped that list.

The majority of the film’s crew has worked on previous ‘Psycho-Pass’ movies and returns for this one as well:

PositionStaffOther Works
Animation ProductionProduction I.G.Heavenly Delusion
DirectorNaoyoshi ShiotaniBlood-C: The Last Dark (movie)
ScriptwriterMakoto FukamiBerserk (2016)
ScriptwriterTow UbukataGhost in the Shell: The New Movie
Character DesignNaoyuki OndaBerserk: The Golden Age Arc – Memorial Edition
MusicYugo KannoJoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean

Although it is not explicitly stated, I believe there will be other Psycho-Pass stories in the future. We might receive a new but closing story next time, what with the conclusion of “Psycho-Pass 3: First Inspector” and the reveal of the new film.

Psycho-Pass Providence

Psycho-Pass Providence

The anime film Psycho-Pass Providence will premiere in 2023. Naoyoshi Shiotani, the series’ director, is in charge of this installment. This film occurs between the second and third seasons of the Psycho-Pass SS franchise.

An incident on a foreign vessel is brought to Akane’s attention while she is away at a conference. The body of Dr. Milicia Stronskaya, a guest of Atsushi Shindo’s, is discovered. Stronskaya’s study document contains a few secrets that potentially jeopardize the Japanese government and the Sibyl System, and this incident turns out to be part of a larger strategy using this document.