Return of the SSS-class Ranker Chapter 44 Publication Date: Where Can You Read?

We now know that Chapter 44 of Return of the SSS-class Ranker will be published on or around February 1st, with early and raw spoilers being shared in the meanwhile.

Chapter 43 of Return of the SSS-class Ranker is out, and it has a fight that will blow your mind. Rokan is in full badass mode. The new combo skill “Destruction Charge” has fans going wild. As the story progresses, readers will want to know what happens next.

It is common knowledge that in Lords, special achievements are rewarded with new titles. Now that Rokan has completed a more difficult dungeon and one of the dwarf’s tasks, we’re all trying to anticipate what new title he’ll get and what repercussions it will have.

The publishing date and location of Rokan’s next canonical chapter, Return of the SSS-class Ranker Chapter 44, are both provided in this article, so you need not worry.

Return of the SSS-class Ranker Chapter 44 Spoilers

Once Rokan had finished the mission, he went back to the Dwarf who had given it to him for payment. He explains that Rokan was assigned the mission since there are currently no dwarf fighters. The title of “Dwarf’s Friend” was bestowed upon Rokan as a token of appreciation.

Rokan’s crafting abilities will improve thanks to his new title, which allows him to pay the Dwarves a discount of 5% when they carry out his requests to “Craft,” “Repair,” and “Enhance” pieces of equipment. Rokan was unsatisfied with the 5% discount and had hoped for more, but nothing could compare to the thrill of purchasing a weapon crafted by a Dwarf.

Rokan, desiring new weaponry, inquired about online auction houses. The Third City now has universal auction houses where people may purchase and sell goods from any of the other cities.

Return of the SSS-class Ranker Chapter 44

Aside from the fact that blacksmithing is one of the three most wicked abilities and requires a significant time investment to improve mastery in, Rokan believed that he should begin farming in order to obtain the raw materials he would need.

Long swords are commonly used by combat warriors, therefore Rokan commissioned some of these from Dwarf. Fifty longswords were requested and will be available by tomorrow.

You could very much count on this as a rule of thumb in Lords: commission any quantity, and the following day you could pick it up. Rokan also requested that their trademark read “T.K.,” an abbreviation for “The King Is Back.”

Rokan pulled a few weapons from his trove and enlisted the dwarf’s help in upgrading them. With a few clacks of his hammer, the dwarf activates a “+1” enhancement for all weapons. Rokan then took his wares to the integrated auction house, where he fetched three times the going rate.

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When Will We See The Publication of Chapter 44 Return of the SSS-class Ranker?

Return of the SSS-class Ranker is widely read due of its exciting plot, intense battles, and wacky protagonist. It’s entertaining to learn about his nefarious methods.

This manhwa is now getting to the meat of its narrative with the introduction of the true antagonist, who plans to destroy the Ragnarok guild and even Odin himself. New chapters are released every week, and readers eagerly await them. On February 1st, 2023, the fourth installment of “Return of the SSS-Class Ranker” will be made available.

Where To Read Return of the SSS-class Ranker Chapter 43?

Kakao and Naver both have the Korean and English versions of Return of the SSS-Class Ranker, respectively.

Return of the SSS-class Ranker Chapter 43 Summary

In order to collect the necessary 50 blue minerals, Rokan has begun his hunt for the Mine Kobolds. However, he is not just murdering Mine Kobolds for the blue minerals; he also hopes to impress the local dwarfs and get a reward.

He anticipates that the time to go on the hunt for Kobold will come at some point, and so he’s starting the process a little early in the hopes of reaping more benefits. Wow, the guy is a real glutton.

Rokan finally reaches the Boss monster’s lair after much axe swinging, Kobold slaughtering, and blue mineral collection.

From outside the room, he notices a large number of monsters in addition to the Boss monster, prompting him to attempt to isolate the latter. Rokan sneaks into the Boss’s chamber and makes off with the wagon containing the kobolds’ mineral haul.

The thieving wagon was pursued by my Kobold. Now that the boss monster was by itself, Rokan attempted to kill it by remaining invisible, but the monster caught on to Rokan’s scent.

To score a knockout blow, he employed his recently learned combo talent, “Destruction Charge,” a mashup of many other abilities. And a few of more tricks to defeat the end-boss monster.

Soon, you’ll be able to view raw scans of Chapter 44 of Return of the SSS-class Ranker. You should check out the meantime’s post about The Beginning After The End Chapter 176.