Weak Hero Chapter 228: Worst Battle Ever! Publication Date & Plot

Our heroes’ safety is in jeopardy as the manhwa takes an unexpected turn. The new direction of the tale will be explored in Weak Hero Chapter 228. Readers have praised the manhwa for its continuation of Gray’s journey and the development of his crew. On the other hand, they were always Donald’s pawn. The tides have turned, though, and we are on the verge of the greatest conflict in history. Gray has the backing of Big Ben, so prepare accordingly. If you want to learn more, read on!

The upcoming plot will revolve around a change in leadership. Everyone has been working for Donald and doing what he says from the start. However, once he attacked their companion, the situation became dire. Since then, everyone has lost their fear of Donald and is prepared to tackle him head-on. They intend to show him who’s boss and exact retribution on his behalf.

Weak Hero Chapter 228

Weak Hero Chapter 228: What Happens Next?

The results of Gray’s action will be the topic of the next chapter. Gray was about to commit a crime when Alex arrived to avert a disaster by relaying the news that Eugene was fine. To the hospital he went, thanks to Rowan and Gerard. Big Ben soon showed in, booted Forrest Lee, and left. Ben says he’s sorry he’s late and offers to assist them. From here on out, it’s Ben, Gray, Gerard, Teddy, Rowan, and Wolf vs Donald and Union. The insurgents are now working together to eliminate Donald and his minions.

It makes no difference to them what Donald thinks. However, this is just the first salvo of a far larger conflict. The plot will soon revolve around the characters reconciling despite their differences and working together as a unit. Wolf just wants to re-educate Donald, while the others seek vengeance on behalf of their dear buddy Eugene. Rowan is too cowardly to fight, so he has decided to tend to Eugene in the hospital.

Weak Hero Chapter 228

A Quick Summary!

Wolf completed Donald’s duet at the start of Weak Hero Chapter 227. The problem was that one of Donald’s subordinates began spreading rumors about Wolf. When it didn’t work, he tried to threaten him. Someone reassured Wolf that Donald wouldn’t abandon him. He’d go after him and kill him with a beating. Wolf, though, seemed unfazed by the threat and pointed out that the speaker should gain independence first. However, the speaker proceeded, arguing that Wolf had acted inappropriately by taking on Donald and his group. Also, he claimed that once the Union and Donald found out about Wolf’s role in Eugene’s case, Wolf would be murdered.

Very quickly, Gray appeared on the battlefield from out of nowhere. He paid Wolf little heed and continued on in the direction he had planned to go. The fact that his intended victim was still alive and spreading rumors made him very angry. His response was to hit and smack his face repeatedly. Soon Wolf remembered Gray’s previous alias, Dongha Baek, and the notoriety he had in the criminal underworld. After establishing Gray’s adversary, the scenario shifts to focus on Gray’s flashbacks. He made a pass at implying that he would permanently close Eugene. That fanned the flames of his rage, and he mercilessly assaulted his victim.

Weak Hero Chapter 228

Weak Hero Chapter 228: Publication Date

When everyone finally bands together, the tale will take a surprising turn. In the next chapter, you’ll find out what happens next. On January 14th, 2023, you may read Weak Hero Chapter 228. The story is being serialized on the Naver Webtoon and Kakao websites.