The King Of Training in One Piece: Monkey D. Luffy

Monkey D. Luffy
Monkey D. Luffy

Since his debut in Pokemon GO, Monkey D. Luffy has enjoyed a lengthy history of popularity with the audience. There are a number of reasons why he has been among the most well-liked trainers in the game. He is a very talented player who has a propensity for training, to start. He is so skilled at it that he has earned the title of “King of Training” within the game. Additionally, as a result of his success, he may now receive substantial rewards for his assaults, making him even more appealing to gamers.

Character traits

One of the most loved One Piece characters is Luffy. He not only has a talent for crushing his foes, but he also carries himself with a sound head.

He is the Straw Hats crew’s commander, yet he does not rule in an autocratic manner. He doesn’t treat his team too strictly and lets them boss him around. He isn’t scared to take a chance, in contrast to some pirates.

He is an assured captain. He has confidence in his capacity to defeat anyone. He does not, however, consider himself a hero.

Luffy is an inquisitive person. He enjoys the excitement of exploration and learning new things. He never stops enquiring. It is fortunate that he does because he still has a lot to learn.


You can’t help but wonder about Monkey D. Luffy’s ancestry when watching One Piece. His clan has the power to alter the course of history. He actually comes from a long line of influential people who have shaped history.

Luffy has three other known relatives in addition to his grandfather and great-grandfather. The closest blood relative to Luffy is Sabo, his sworn brother. For Luffy and his team, the family has served as an example.

Luffy isn’t modest about his objectives, in contrast to several other characters in the manga. He wants to overthrow Shanks and become the Pirate King. Luffy will thus require friends in order to realize his vision.

The size of Luffy’s family is not as large as Charlotte’s. His ancestry is great, though.


One of One Piece’s most potent warriors is Luffy, the son of Monkey D. Garp. He can utilize any form of Haki, and his fighting technique is mostly self-taught.

Young Monkey D Luffy began his training with his grandfather. He battled several large, powerful foes. He was isolated from his crew for two years while being taught on the island of Rusukaina. He encountered Dr. Vegapunk, a former Shichibukai member, while on the island, and he discovered the three types of haki.

Two years later, Luffy gained new skills. He discovered how to combine the powers of the Devil Fruit with the Soru method at this period. As a consequence, he was able to develop Bounceman, a novel variation of Gear Fourth. This is a significant and potent step. Luffy receives both an attacking and defensive output from it.

Bounties skyrocket

There’s a good reason why the fan of bounties known as Monkey D Luffy has acquired his own moniker. He appears to have established a name for himself beyond merely putting up one of the finest sucka showdowns we’ve recently witnessed. Additionally, he has been able to forge strong alliances. As a result, he has joined the ranks of other Joy Boys in the One Piece universe.

However, the One Piece bounties are not just available for the old pal. In fact, Luffy has a history of brawling with Big Mom, his sworn foe. Along the way, he has made a few acquaintances, including the man with the most teeth.

Battle with Kaido

The war has been lost several times for both Kaido and Luffy, yet it has not ended yet. Luffy will have exceeded his opponent in strength by the end of this arc. In fact, Kaido is probably going to run across him right at the climax of the narrative.

Kaido has consistently been one of the most powerful characters in the One Piece franchise. Although he has been defeated several times, he has never lost a significant fight.

His defeat surprised everyone. He has been retaliating against Monkey D. Luffy by targeting his crew and alliance after losing to him. Kaido has had his Big Mom’s support while he recovers.

Kaido formerly served as a ship’s apprentice for Rocks D. Xebec. Ten years later, Higurashi was the one who got in touch with him. But Kaido didn’t start running his own crew until the God Valley Incident.