Where To Find The Manga For Chainsaw Man After The Anime

On December 28, 2022, the anime Chainsaw Man ended up its first season with a cliffhanger that knocked otakus off their feet. So, following such a conclusion, it only makes sense to go to the manga for guidance.

It won’t be simple to decide where to start reading since many people have already watched the anime, and reading manga isn’t for everyone.

Do not be alarmed; we have rescued you and addressed your concerns about this matter.

Chapters 35, 36, 37, and a portion of chapter 38 were adapted for Chainsaw Man’s last episode (12). Then you should start reading the manga with chapter 38 and keep going after that.

The official English-language distributor for fans worldwide, Viz Media, offers the manga for reading online.

Chainsaw Man Volume 1 Cover
Chainsaw Man Volume 1 Cover

Denji and Katana Man exchanged powerful punches in the final moments of episode 12, which led to the latter being arrested and subjected to torture by the Chainsaw Man and Aki. There is no way I can adequately describe the pain since it was unlike anything you have ever seen in anime. Instead, watch the episode.

According to Makima’s report, Akane Sawatari, the Snake Devil, killed the former civilian devil hunter in a terrorist strike. Although it appeared to be suicide, there was no way to determine the true cause.

After this, chapter 39 of the manga will continue the Katana Man arc, and chapter 40 will begin the Bomb Girl arc. Reze or Bomb Girl, a brand-new character, serves as Denji’s romantic interest in this plot.

She was also hinted to at the conclusion of episode 12 and is another villain working for a high-ranking devil, as you may have guessed. She’s trouble, of course, and Denji will still pursue her in spite of that.

There is no word about a second season because the anime only concluded a few days ago. But we are all aware that it will be regenerated, and we will soon have it.

The otaku community responded quite positively to the anime, and I hope that continues.

Chainsaw Man

Tatsuki Fujimoto created the manga series Chainsaw Man, which first appeared in serial form in December 2018 and continued with a second part in July 2022. Additionally, MAPPA produced an anime series for the show.

The main character of the manga, Denji, is an orphan who must work as a devil hunter in order to support himself and pay off his father’s debt.

But Pochita, his pet devil, is slain while on a mission. When Denji awakens, he discovers that he and Pochita have fused to form Chainsaw Man. He must join the government and keep hunting demons if he doesn’t want to be slain.