The New Studio Where Season 3 Of “Laid-Back Camp” Will Debut In 2024

Yuru Camp/Laid Back Camp is an easy anime to follow, but it never gets boring. Despite appearances, this is not merely a cutesy animation featuring cute females doing cute things. Simple pleasures and contentment are the focus.

The anime has been created by C-Station for two seasons. Here, though, are the specifics of how a new studio will produce the anime’s third season.

The debut of Yuru Camp Season 4 has been set for 2024. Season 3 of Yurukyan is moving from C-Station to 8-Bit animation for the new season.

A new promotional image for season 3 of Yuru Camp, starring Nadeshiko and Rin, has been posted online.

New people will be employed by the anime to work on the show. However, Hisanari Hashimoto (Character Designer) and Akeyuki Tateyama (Music Composer) are returning for the third season.

Laid-Back Camp

PositionStaffOther Works
DirectorShin Tosaka Infinite Stratos 2
Animation Production 8-BitBlue Lock
Series CompositionMasafumi SugiruraUma Musume Pretty Derby
Character DesignHisanari HashimotoAttack on Titan
Music ComposerAkeyuki TateyamaAre You Lost?

In the second season of Yuru Camp, Nadeshiko and Rin went on a number of relaxing journeys to various locations. Fans can look forward to exploring brand-new campgrounds and spending more time unwinding in the third season.

The fact that the anime was inspired by actual campsites only adds to its appeal. Everyone who has ever watched this anime has fantasized about a carefree camping trip like our heroes.

Anyone who feels overwhelmed by modern life should check out Laid Back Camp. The anime is earnestly about slowing down and appreciating the little things in life. It is something I intend to keep an eye on. How about yours?

Laid-Back Camp

The Laid-Back Camp manga was written and illustrated by Afro, and ran from July 2015 to February 2019 in the Japanese seinen manga magazine Manga Time Kirara Forward, published by Houbunsha.

The C-Station anime TV series adaptation aired in Japan from January 4th, 2018, to March 22nd, 2018. The anime was co-funded and licensed by Crunchyroll.

There was also a six-episode anime series called “Heya Camp,” which aired from January 6th, 2020, to March 23rd, 2020. On January 9, 2020, a new live-action drama series debuted in Japan.

The second season of the anime series will air in January 2021, while a film adaptation of the property is now under development.

Cute, interesting, and enjoyable best describe Yuru Camp, a delightful slice-of-life animation.

The story follows a group of girls who are all members of the school’s camping club and who spend their lunch breaks together going on camping trips.