Blue Lock Part 2: What Does The Next Cour Hold? Publication Date & More

In spite of the fact that the World Cup is ended, the return of the Yoichi Isagi soccer anime series has fans quite enthusiastic. Enthusiasts are overjoyed to be anticipating the release of Blue Lock, Part 2. The First Selection was the only performance open to the public up until this point. The Second Selection will have new companions in Blue Lock Part 2, though. Since the first installment was so well received, there is little question that the sequel will also be a smashing success. All the information you want is provided here.

The Second Selection will include a number of matchups, and viewers should be ready for them. Jinpachi’s Ego claims that a single player may freely switch between levels. The manga by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and Yusuke Nomura is the inspiration for the anime. Differentiating this anime from others is the fact that its protagonists are not all male and interested in soccer. They are, instead, highly developed humans with superhuman powers. So, if you want to know how Blue Lock Part 2 operates, you should keep reading.

Blue Lock Part 2

Blue Lock Part 2: Currently Available Updates!

A total of 13 new episodes with two new opening themes will air in the second half of Blue Lock. Additionally, a credit-free version of the second introduction has just been made available. The new episode reveals that there will be 125 contestants in the Rivalry Battle for Blue Lock’s second selection. Yoichi, Bachira, and Nagi will test themselves against Rin Itoshi’s squad in order to determine who can advance to the next round and choose a new player.

When compared to the previous season, the current one is seen as packed with exciting events. Additionally, the difficulties and events the characters will confront will be examined in greater detail. Judgment,” a new song by ASH DA HERO, will serve as the opening theme for Blue Lock 2 as well.

Blue Lock Part 2

What Happens Next?

Part two of Blue Lock, as described by Ego, will focus on the applicants who make it through the initial round of selection and their experience at a strength training camp where the world’s greatest players compete in a 5v5 match. Each candidate must then pass a further set of four tests after initial selection. After 30 successful goals in the first level, the difficulty will rise, and in the second stage, players will form teams of three.

All teams must win their subsequent matches once the first stage concludes. In the third phase, the Second Selection’s Rivalry Battle gets underway. The winner advances to the final round, a four-team tournament in which the victors get to steal a player from the losers. The losing team, however, will have to start again in Stage 3.

Blue Lock Part 2

Blue Lock Part 2: Publication Date

The anime premiered ahead of schedule for the Fall 2022 season. On January 8, 2023, we will be able to see the following episode. Crunchyroll will host the episode for viewers in other countries. Asahi TV viewers in Japan will be the first to see it.