Who Pulled Takemichi Down Into The Railroad?

Takemichi Hangaki was shoved onto the train tracks by an unidentified person, which allowed him to time travel. In that moment, Takemichi saw his whole life pass before his eyes, and he was filled with guilt, especially for the fact that he had been unable to save Hinata.

This experience served as an anchor point because of his profound remorse, which served as a trigger to allow him to modify the past. Whoever it was, they had a vested interest in seeing Takemichi dead. So, let’s find out!

Takemichi was shoved by Akkun at the railway station. In all possible worlds, Akkun is used as a pawn by Kisaki, who manipulates him into murdering Hinata and Takemichi. Takemichi succeeds in saving everyone, even Akkun, in the end.

1. Takemichi was thrown into The Train Tracks by Who? (Cosmically Unaltered Timeline)

Takemichi goes about his daily commute as if it were any other day. At the station, he is shoved from behind by an unidentified individual.

Because of the tragedy and his deep remorse, he was able to visit the past.

Akkun forced Takemichi onto the rails in the original timeframe. Unable to tolerate any more suffering, he stabbed Kiyomasa. He served time in prison and emerged as a low-level criminal.

Kisaki then coerced him into killing Takemichi and causing the accident that killed Hinata. This is why Akkun shoved his best friend off the rails.

2. How did Takemichi manage to go through the accident unscathed?

After going back in time, he makes adjustments that spare the life of Tachibana Hinata’s brother, Naoto. Since Naoto believed Takemichi, he went to the railway tracks and prevented the tragedy.

During his time travel, Takemichi alters the past in a few key ways, one of which being preventing Akkun from stabbing Kiyomasa. While here, he meets Mikey and Draken for the first time.

3. Takemichi Fails, Akkun Commits Suicide!

Even though Takemichi unintentionally traveled back in time, he still saw Toman dead with Hinata at his side. He arranges to see Mikey in order to learn the disastrous outcome of the event.

They learn that Akkun is now Toman’s executive, therefore attempts are made to contact him. They run across Akkun, who climbs to the roof and admits that he pushed Takemichi down into the rails.

He confides in Takemichi that he fears Kisaki. In addition, he assumes that Takemichi can travel across time because Naoto came to his rescue at the precise moment. Naoto seems to know about the accident nearly before it happened. After he tells Mikey to save Draken and that Mikey has changed since Draken’s death, he takes his own life.

4. For what reason did Akkun try to force Takemichi?

In the original timeline, Akkun was so dedicated to protecting his comrades that he even stabbed Kiyomasa. Akkun was such a devoted and trustworthy friend, we can’t even begin to fathom the anguish he must have felt when he pushed him over the railway tracks.

From Kisaki’s ability to coerce Akkun against his will, we can gauge his nefarious character.

Akkun, Toman’s Executive
Akkun, Toman’s Executive

5. Draken Saved, but Akkun is Still Kisaki’s Pawn!

Takemichi returns to the present after successfully rescuing Draken. After reuniting with Hinata in the current day, Akkun once again dispatches her.

Draken has been sentenced to death, and Kisaki is now the leader of Toman. The accident was caused by Akkun, who is still Kisaki’s puppet. Before he passes away, he orders Takemichi to save everyone.

We can’t say for sure that Akkun wasn’t also to blame for his railway disaster. Takemichi’s pusher is never named in the subsequent timelines, although Akkun seems like the most likely suspect given the circumstances. Still, one cannot know for sure.

Takemichi after the deaths of Hinata and Akkun
Takemichi after the deaths of Hinata and Akkun

6. Can Akkun be rescued by Takemichi in the end?

As a result of their time trip to first grade, Takemichi and Mikey are able to save everyone, even Akkun. Takemichi’s time-travelling career ended with this trip.

Now that everything has been provided for, neither Akkun nor Kisaki have any motivation to try to assassinate Takemichi.

7. What made Kisaki decide to end Takemichi’s life?

Kisaki develops an early obsession with Hinata and jealousy towards Takemichi because of it. After Kisaki became the worst criminal ever, he finally had the chance to ask Hina to marry him.

But in every possible timeline, Hina rejects him, prompting him to order the rest of the group to kill her and Takemichi.

8. Tokyo Revengers

The manga artist Ken Wakui penned and drew Tokyo Revengers. Serialization began on March 1, 2017, in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine, and continued through November 20, 2022. It has been collected into thirty tankobon volumes.

The protagonist, Takemichi Hanagaki, finds out that his one and only middle school ex-girlfriend was murdered by the Tokyo Manji Gang. Takemichi was shoved from the train station after passengers learned about the event.

When he hit the ground and closed his eyes, he was prepared to die; nevertheless, when he opened them, he found himself 12 years in the past.